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Johannesburg – We continue to celebrate Woman’s month by getting to know and get some tips from Simone Musgrave owner and founder of Musgrave Crafted Spirits who used retrenchment to her advantage.

Instead of letting retrenchment get her down, Musgrave watched the trends in CRAFT and noticed the craft Gin trend booming and that’s when she used her family story and surname to create a brand and the gin occasion seemed a good fit.

How are they made and is it a lucrative occupation.

Our gins are distilled at a craft distillery in Cape Town using botanicals we source from all over Africa with a can spirit base.

We follow traditional distilling methods and the product uses a method of maceration and vapour – two well used techniques in distilling Gin.

Our Musgrave Copper brandies are part of the award winning brandy casks from Distell. As brandy needs to be aged we source our brandy from the best in the world and then blend in our Zambian Honey and Madagascan Vanilla.

It can be lucrative but as all businesses it takes time to build the brand and with everyone jumping on the gin trend you must find a way to stay on top and keep your consumer as well as work with large retailers which is challenging.

When did you start

July 2015 – we launched on world Gin day!

Can you give 5 connoisseur tips? –

• Always taste a craft gin neat before adding the tonic,
• Use a wide open faced glass ( a highball glass is the worst),
• Lemon is not always the best garnish, try using garnishes that celebrate the botanicals of the gin ( Musgrave Original is great with Cucumber as it cools the spices)
• Don’t get hung up on Brandy’s age as even a 3 year old brandy can be very elegant (notice there is no age mentioned on our Copper Brandies)
• Don’t overcomplicate your mixers, a tonic and soda combination is a great light option for a less calorific gin and tonic


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What are your ranges of your Gins and which foods do you pair them with?

Musgrave Original Gin is great with curries and spicy food,
Musgrave Pink Gin with dark chocolate or soft smelly cheeses
Musgrave Copper Vanilla brandy is delicious with citrus dishes and summer stone fruit like peaches and nectarines,
Musgrave Copper Black Honey brandy with caramelised desserts, rich oxtail stew or a stack of ribs.

Whats your favourite drink?

An extra Dirty Gin Martini

Who is the Musgrave Customer

Our Musgrave Tribe is everyone. 18 to 100 years old, male/female (yes men love our pink), genderless, ageless but a drink who enjoys celebrating those special moments with consideration and luxury

What’s important about choosing packaging?

Packaging is the first touch and sight when buying a product and its what gets our attention first, so this is what I always keep in mind when deciding on packaging.

Of course practicality, cost and how it works when travelling and on the shelf is important to consider too.

Whats the best way to enjoy it?

Assuming its copper here – bring brandy to your sundowner time with your Musgrave Gin, on the rocks or with our perfect serves is best – and garnish the brandy as suggested in our perfect serves as it makes for a delicious citrus note.

What are you launching?

Well these are always secrets until revealed but we have just launched our first limited gin edition, Jagged, celebrating a female artist and women in business, but watch this space for more.

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