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Dr Louis Nyahunda

University of Limpopo

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Research Associate at the University of Limpopo

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Dr Louis Nyahunda has always aspired to be a social change agent, a beacon of hope for many people, and a catalyst for transformation in areas plagued by poverty, exclusion, marginalisation, inequities, and underdevelopment. It delights him that his work has contributed to the sustainability of communities, since his work in climate change, climate change adaptation, climate mitigation, gender dynamics, environmental social work, sustainable rural livelihoods, and environmental and community sustainability has been extensively published. He has over 30 published research articles, about 10 of which were extracted and published from his PhD thesis on “Participation of rural women in mitigating the effects of climate change in Vhembe District, Limpopo Province, South Africa”. He also holds Bachelor of Social work, Masters of Social Work (cum laude) both from the University of Limpopo as well as a Senior Certificate in Civic Leadership from UNISA. He is currently pursuing Masters in Gender and Policy Studies at the Great Zimbabwe University


University of Limpopo

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