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Music and life

2017-02-15 14:00:25.0 | Basetsana Kumalo |

Recently, I took a decision to go on a cruise, a jazz cruise in particular, this is one of the many things on my bucket list that I have been postponing for years.

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I had the immense pleasure of listening to many jazz greats, amongst which was an interview with Marcus Miller where he discussed “The Register of Your Own Voice”. It was a fascinating account of his introduction to his inner voice, both as a person and as a musician, as well as how he learned to shut out the noise and to focus on the truth.

It got me thinking about the importance of the silence and the voice within, and how it has helped me to navigate my life through the years. Throughout the ages religions across the world deal with the issue of external noise and how it distracts us from what our inner self is trying to say. External noise which gets in the way of this all important, internal stream of consciousness, our inner self redirecting us to our purpose and shielding us from confusion.

Life much like music has its ebb and flow, it has its own unique rhythm, with ups and downs, the good and the bad, the joy and the sorrow, it's in those down notes that one needs to draw from the emotional bank you have been depositing into through stillness and silence. External validation can leave you feeling inadequate and assault your sense of self worth.

I have previously written about meditation and how it has aided me in the midst of chaos to “just be”. The extension of the ability to sit alone is, that it makes it harder for the noise of daily life to get in the way of the conversation between you and yourself. When you are able to do this daily, you will find it easier and easier, until the practice becomes a part of you. Many of us don’t like to sit in silence and in conversation with ourselves, afraid of what might come up. Many of us are uncomfortable with just being with our own thoughts and find it unsettling. It is in these moments that we will be surprised on the epiphany you might experience. The advent of social media, keeps us pre-occupied and tends to rob us of those moments of quietness. Begin your day with just 10 minutes of prayer or meditation and see how it transforms your life. 

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