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Ringing changes for a turn at the till

2012-11-12 11:06:04.0 | Madala Thepa |

WHILE president Jacob Zuma was roasted in Parliament the other day for things that are "rank and gross in nature", there were those among us, the fluff of society, who still want to pay the king's ransom to see him again.

The MKMVA, that museum quality outfit, has been planning a sudden military offensive to defend their commander-in-chief.

Their loyalty is, of course, hinged on the fact that they need to get their non-statutory forces pension cheques and the president has been promising to dole out the dough - though it looks nearly impossible that it will ever happen.

The left-leaning commies, the real dandruff on the shoulders of lefty politics, would rather mangle a metaphor or two, spew some dirty words and attack those who want to bring rain to the president's parade.

It's a farce.

The earth beneath our feet is losing its energy balance and the ANC's chakras needs healing.

The kitchen soup queue is growing infinitely long and the people are waiting for their ration.

The branches of the movement have become little tight nooks of intense hunger and blind loyalty.

They reckon the Nkandla development is just a normal scam, while the DA see it as a fascination area of research.

Opposition movements are springing up, the latest being Forces of Change (FOC), otherwise derided by the groupies on social media as the Foc-kers.

They dream of change in a time when the ANC is losing faith on the public opinion index.

The change FOC wants is not entirely dissimilar to that of the Economic Freedom Fighters.

It's the same narrative, a rendering of the same - the jostling for power in the hope that their time at the till will happen.

The Foc-kers have hinged Kgalema Motlanthe's chances of being a president on a TNS survey alone. He's said to be popular, rather like a rattle snake at the local circus.

The Foc-kers have set up a temporary website using the ANC colours and cannibalised content and plugged in some tweets that speak directly to their dreams.

Their line-up of candidates is charming and seductive in the sense that they feel there is an injustice they want to rectify.

The problem is that they're not saying much about the change they need. They just speak of change in terms of replacement.

It's a problem of group theory with a sinister purpose. There is no ideology. It's just the warm glow of ambition - a self-replicating exercise at the levers of control.

Here is the content of their philosophy in full:

We need change because: "South Africans do not have the confidence in the leadership of President Zuma.

"We need a leadership that will lead the ANC towards quality and durable change, towards an ideal as set out in the Freedom Charter, which remains its strategic vision and mission.

"A leadership that will regain the confidence of all Africans on the African continent.

"We believe that this will be best obtained by the following leadership structure, which is tried and tested and open to scrutiny..."

At the end of this they rattle names. They want Kgalema Motlanthe to be president, his deputy to be Matthews Phosa, the national chairperson to be Thandi Modise, the organisation's secretary general to be Fikile Mbalula and his deputy to be Thenjiwe Mthintso. And finally, they want the treasurer general to be Tokyo Sexwale.

That's the top six right there - change with a sordid past.

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