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Before the final judgment arrives

2012-11-05 11:26:04.0 | Madala Thepa |

If Sandy in New York was an embargoed tell-tale of early rapture, the implicit assumption is that the Mayan calendar is on point after all.

By December this world as we know it could be a torture chamber. It could be the end of transient life and the end of commies smoking cigars and biting the thick end of the beef tenderloin in plush restaurants talking about the ungrateful poor and asking each other, in their post-colonial bantering way: "Where were they when we laid the foundations of liberation struggle?"

At least this time the end of time is not based on some religious epiphany or the Pope's Gregorian calender. Saddlebag preachers have been predicting humanity's impending doom for many a year and they haven't been accurate.

But the Mayan calendar may be on point. It's only a matter of time before the rich ANC commies hole up in their bunker and pray that the great unwashed don't gain access into their pit.

Otherwise they would be abused by the process of Judgment Day.

It could be a long, contentious ceremonial punishment with the gnashing of teeth. Many smug and narrow-minded Philistines in the organisation could be hanged on the spot before Judgment is made for merely saying "life has been better under JZ".

But before time ends, we at the Snorting Grunter still want the "spy tapes" released. We want to hear the wonderful tragic stories of commies captured on tape at their low moment of madness.

We want the Marikana Commission concluded and the guilty punished. We want change in leadership - not that it will bring some change, but at least it'll give us the illusion that a lethal combination of mediocre performance and stealing can be undone by a new face.

But of significance in the ANC, is the continuation of compromises. We read this week that a settlement was reached between the ANC, Malema, AfriForum and TAU SA on the hate speech saga or "shoot the boer" song.

Termed "a historic settlement", the ANC conceded that "certain words in certain struggle songs can be experienced as hurtful by minority communities".

There is also a slap in the face - the agreement states that the ANC and Malema should commit to counselling and "encourage their respective leadership and supporters to act with restraint to avoid the experience of such hurt".

Only a party that has a history of compromise will allow the agreement of going for counselling for singing a song that liberated it.

TAU SA, a farming organisation, says about 1372 white farmers have been killed since 1990 out of a total of 1591.

It also states that 86% of all farm murders were committed against white farmers - 85 farm attacks were executed in 2011 and 106 in 2012.

They state also that "the normal murder rate, according to the current available statistics, is 31 persons per 100000 of South Africa's population, whereas for white farmers it amounts to 96 per 100000.

"Therefore white farmers have a three times higher risk of being murdered than any other citizen".

How this is related to the song beats us at the Snorting Grunter.

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