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Sies, hide that insulting graphic

2012-05-21 13:11:05.0 | Reader Review |

PLEASE allow me to air my disappointment about Brett Murray's graphic that depicts the exposed private parts of President Jacob Zuma.

Let us appreciate our Constitution, which protects freedom of speech and expression. But this does not mean we can trample on other peoples' rights.

Zuma is first a human being, a son, a father, an uncle and a husband before he is our president. He is a leader of a country and a statesman.

The lunatic, racist and angry Murray is obliged to respect the laws of this country as long as he is naturally a South African.

Even foreigners do not have the right to do or say as they wish in our country, so what is so special about Murray?

He must be ordered to withdraw that ridiculous graphic, subjected to stringent legal action and forced to apologise publicly. He is a heartless idiot!

Refentse Mangope


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