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Wasted billions

2012-01-29 12:00:21.0 | Reader Comment |

THE R2bn that has been chowed in Limpopo is actually evident in Polokwane. But, alas, it has nothing to do with the infrastructure.

SWIMMING IN IT: Suspended ANC Youth League president Julius Malema. Picture by Raymond Preston

The evidence of this wasted taxpayers' money can be seen in the form of luxurious cars and mushrooming villas or mansions and, to an extent, lavish weddings and parties in the Limpopo capital.

What's startling is that this R2bn is only concentrated in Polokwane, which is the hometown of Julius Malema.

The further you move away from Polokwane, the lesser the R2bn becomes visible until you cross into Mopani District, which is the hometown of Jonas Matlou, the district's mayor and another of suspended Malema's allies. Mopani is also the hometown of Premier Cassel Mathale, who's conveniently Juju's friend and business associate.

And there's a new trend among the Limpopo BEE gravy train travellers: choppers. On any given day in Polokwane and the Mopani district, there's some chopper in the sky flying some black guy.

So, when the Limpopo people look up in the sky and see a chopper hovering overhead, just smile, or whatever reaction, for you will be seeing the fruits of the R2bn deficit.

But while you look up to see the chopper, watch out for the potholes that should have been fixed by the very same R2bn that was "reprioritised" by Mathale's administration for infrastructure such as roads. For every Ranger Rover or chopper that you see in Limpopo, one reservoir is dry or a pothole unrepaired.

- Malwandla Malwandla, Woodmead

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