Self-validation the key to success

The Imposter Syndrome is a term coined in 1978 by clinical psychologists Pauline R Clance and Suzanne A Imes. This phenomenon is also known as the fraud syndrome.  

Women drivers are as dangerous on the road as taxi drivers

Every time you start your car, you are embarking on a hazardous expedition.  

Change your world

Most people fail not because they lack ambition or intellectual capacity. They fail because they want to do everything all at once.  

Compatriots, opposition leaders are nothing but small boys

Let me tell you before you become tjatjarag. The ANC is a revolutionary party and you know nothing about the revolution. So here you behave or else you jump.  

Magic in a bottle

Chilled to perfection, enjoyed with smiles, great food and good friends - champagne is the drink of happiness.  

Pretty faces but empty heads

Looks alone cannot hide mediocrity.  

I am hibernating till after winter with my sdudla to warm my 4-5

I woke up and opened my eyes with some difficulty. For a moment I was dazed and didn't know where I was.  

Fake it big time with the art of contouring

The art of contouring can make a woman's boobs and booty look yummy.  

We will never forget June 16, 1976

This year's Youth Day on Thursday, as the June 16 public holiday is known, will mark the 40th anniversary of the historic youth uprising of June 16 1976.  

More men pimping their 4-5s

Millions of South African men are rushing to clinics and hospitals to have their 4-5s pimped.  

The rush to be yellowbone

For as old as time some dark-skinned people have desired to be more acceptable to society by aiming to lighten their skin.  

'My boyfriend keeps asking me for transport money'

For all your issues on love, write to Sisi at  

'I am head over heels for this woman at my workplace'

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Bad body odour

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'My baby daddy is lazy'

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My boyfriend's kids competing with me for his attention

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COMMENT: CAF a showcase of skill

ANOTHER South African club has been accused of not taking a Confederation of African Football (CAF) inter-club competition seriously.  

Sweet tooth and the brain

Most of us are addicted to sugar, so what happens to you when you give it up, asks Jordan Gaines Lewis  

Remembering Nelson Mandela walking out of jail

Today marks the 25-year anniversary of Mandela's release from prison.  

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