Bafana Bafana's double dose muthi

BAFANA Bafana may just win the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations, now that we have a white captain.  

My heart weeps for lost intellectual engagement

I WAS having drinks with journalist Therese Owens at an eatery in Melville, Johannesburg. Writer Lewis Nkosi had just left us with his literary agent and dear brother of mine Sandile Ngidi. This must have been around 2008.  

Moegoe of the week:

THE moegoe of the week is without doubt Petrosa chairman Tshepo Kgadima, who was ejected from Business Day's offices .  

Charmza of the week: Darren Keet

Darren Keet deserves the charmza crown this week, after playing a superb game for Bafana Bafana on Wednesday.  

For Number One ignorance is bliss

CRY the beloved country! We have a president who is not aware of anything - that happens to and around him - and a parliament that has just gone to the gutter.  

Forget speed dating – there is speed booking

Speed booking caters for all lovers of books and dialogue writes Lungile Zakwe.  

MC vs. Rapper what is the difference?

MTV has named South Africa’s Hottest MC for 2014 but for many fans something was missed.  

COMMENT: Xulu takes brave stand against Russian racism

RACISM in sport and in football in particular, is as old as the game itself and I was not surprised by Bafana Bafana defender Siyanda Xulu's Rostov FC coach Igor Gamula's racist remarks.  

Honourable pieces of s**** in our parliament

THE chaotic scenes in the National Assembly this week aroused interest for the first time among members of the public who don't find watching snoring MPs riveting.  

What's in a man's name, missus?

For some women taking on a husband's name represents power.  

COMMENT: Young people shouldn't wait for handouts

I AM not surprised that South Africans are responding in their numbers to the government's proposal to not issue houses to those under 40. Many say this proposal is unfair as those who are under 40 are the ones who are affected by poverty, unemployment and inequality.  

COMMENT: Take note, the poor will run out of patience

THE joviality associated with 2014 understandably arises from the fact that the country has reached the 20-year mark of democracy.  

COMMENT: Conmen hijack land reform

IT is commendable that the government has extended the period in which people can lodge their land claims.  

Whites profit on the back of black labour

PEOPLE who do the real work in this country are black people.  

Zuma made Malema what he is

THE ANC Youth League used "weapons of mass stinking" at Cape Town International Airport and the Western Cape legislature, yet they are still ANC members in good standing.  

COMMENT: ANC and pseudo radical stances

BEFORE Pallo Jordan was exposed, he warned the ANC of making statements and policy positions as a response to Economic Freedom Fighters.  

A Kwaito thesis – Msawawa’s Yes, Yes, Yes

YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!: In the first 'yes', he is exclaiming that it is indeed him.  

COMMENT: Is it end of the road for OJ?

ONE has lost count of the number of times the once great Mbulelo Mabizela's wheels have come off due to his short fuse and hitting the bottle big time.  

Milking the question for all it is worth

MOSS from Dududu in KZN had a meeting at one of Jozi's top restaurants and found that ordering something as simple as tea was not that simple.  

Feather Awards a self-degrading misrepresentation of the LGBTI community

The Feather Awards seem to honour heterosexuals and misrepresent the complexity and seriousness of the LGBTI community writes Majola  

Who was Ali Al'amin Mazrui? An intellectual warrior

THE warrior is dead, and the spear burns still.  The faint of heart scatter in fear of the scorching flames. Professor Ali Al'amin Mazrui died on Monday, and death has robbed us of one of Africa’s greatest scholars.  

Open letter to Kenny Kunene: Ntanga your example leaves a bad taste

AN open letter to Bro Kenny Kunene from Thebe Mohatle  

A Kwaito thesis – 'Ngubani uNoxolo'

Ngubani uNoxolo? This was a pertinent question put forward by Unathi to Zola. Who is this Noxolo person?  

Be prepaid, be very prepaid

Some darkies and the English language are not the best of friends.  

The death of whites

It is primitive and impractical to think of yourself in terms of race, writes Sandile Memela  

Judging the judges, when they're black

This threatens our democracy, writes Mahlodi Sam Muofhe  

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