Teachers and farmworkers are a priority

For a while I flirted with the idea of joining the teaching profession when I finished matric.  

New DA leader may lack appeal

Age-old race prejudices could haunt new leader of the Opposition.  

The way of love

In 1 Corinthians 13, Paul said that the most excellent way to live is the way of love.  

2015 Kuyafiwa – We remember our fallen stars: PHOTOS

The 2015 has come with a lot of sad news. The death of singer and actor Senyaka Kekana has left us thinking about the fragility of life.  

Terror is threat to neo-liberalism

THE move by Nigerian-based terrorist group Boko Haram to declare its support to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has confirmed the inescapable fact of a well coordinated international terrorism network.  

COMMENT: 'The Gods Must be Crazy' is racist

'The Gods Must be Crazy' film depicts black people as hopelessly unsophisticated ignoramuses, writes Litheko Modisane  

Our smartphones are teeming with carnal deluxe

I've always loved the movies. All kinds of movies. Good and bad movies. I grew up on a staple of Rambo (Sylvester Stallone), Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jean Claude Van Damme and Jackie Chan.  

COMMENT: Truce will shake up Bafana team

SOCCER is an emotional game simply because of the deep connections fans have with their club's teams and national teams.  

These stupid criminals are giving our country a bad name

IT is such a pity that stupidity is not a criminal offence. If it were, the government would need to build more prisons than RDP houses.  

COMMENT: Opportunistic opposition

IT is vital to take into consideration the pivotal motivation behind the formation of many opposition parties in our country, especially in the democratic dispensation.  

Moegoe of the week: Protestors who burn clinics

A DEFINITION for a moegoe would be one who destroys essential services while protesting service delivery.  

COMMENT: Greed the root of evil

WE live in a society where the love of money reigns supreme. People are blinded by the clouds of greed to such an extent that they have become enemies unto themselves.  

COMMENT: Violent protests are no solution to grievances

IT is worrying to see images of violence on TV and in newspapers every time some groups of people are not happy about something.  

COMMENT: SA middle class is screwed

FINANCE Minister Nhlanhla Nene tried his best, but aside from the usual rise in sin taxes the increase in income tax means the middle class is monumentally screwed.  

Comments: Nene silences critics

THUMBS up to Minister of Finance Nhlanhla Nene for his good Budget in a not so healthy environment, when one considers the grim economic conditions. All eyes were glued on him with some Doubting Thomases on his capabilities and understanding of economics.  

COMMENT: CAF a showcase of skill

ANOTHER South African club has been accused of not taking a Confederation of African Football (CAF) inter-club competition seriously.  

I wouldn't mind tutoring a course on Boity

WHAT a relief! We are in the third month of the year and yet another prominent figure has been exposed for lying about academic qualifications.  

Sweet tooth and the brain

Most of us are addicted to sugar, so what happens to you when you give it up, asks Jordan Gaines Lewis  

Remembering Nelson Mandela walking out of jail

Today marks the 25-year anniversary of Mandela's release from prison.  

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