The quiet violence of Steve Biko

The black consciousness founder is distorted because it suits those in power, writes Athi Mongezeleli Joja  

Even in death, Biko challenges us to do more

HAD Steve Bantu Biko not been killed on September 12 1977, he would have turned 68 on December 18. The world probably won't bother to recall his leadership as has become tradition between September 6 and 12 every year.  

COMMENT: We still remember the music legends

IT would be an understatement to say I was saddened by the death of former Harari member Masike "Funky" Mohapi.  

COMMENT: Power-hungry Malema will reap what he sows

I HAVE read so many Facebook posts from Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) members saying they want civil war in South Africa.  

COMMENT: Lesotho coup, it can happen in SA too

WHAT happened in the landlocked mountain kingdom of Lesotho last week led me to conclude that our African leaders, the AU in particular, must not take the situation for granted as those events may spread to other parts of the African continent.  

COMMENT: Mashaba focus on coaching

WE are all pundits in matters related to the beautiful game of football - and the sooner re-appointed Bafana Bafana coach Shakes Mashaba gets this into his mind the better.  

COMMENT: Women's month - an exercise in futility

HANDS up anyone else breathing a sigh of relief because August is finally over. It signifies the end of winter, and the vexatious Women's Month.  

COMMENT: Give interns a real chance

IN a country where job-hunting is a job itself, internship programmes should run for two years instead of one, as they do now.  

Amber’s naked dress – ratchet or just pure style - PHOTOS

Amber Rose had tongues wagging after showing up on the red carpet in a ‘naked dress.’  

COMMENT: Soapie actors have rights, too

HOW much does Generations make, if the SABC can just fire actors willy-nilly?  

COMMENT: Royal house has the final say

WHAT authority does Kwazi Mthembu have to write about the "other side of the coin" (Sunday World Letters, August 10 )?  

COMMENT: Youth should focus on studies

AMID the revelations of Pallo Jordan's "misqualifications" and his decision to resign, it is interesting to see how many young people have jumped on to the bandwagon of making him a laughing stock.  

COMMENT: Zuma's enemies all fall

THE civil war in the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) is to President Jacob Zuma's advantage.  

COMMENT: Land issue must be settled soon

THE land question is a stubborn ghost that will haunt us for years.  

COMMENT: Children learn what they live

THE thousands of pupils who ran amok in the Joburg CBD this week, attacking vendors and looting shops, represent the future of our country - and it is a sorry sight.  

COMMENT: Classroom central to good education

This is where dreams are made or broken, writes Lucky Ditaunyane  

COMMENT: Palestine's killing fields

Our freedom and our future have been kidnapped, writes Samah Jabr  

Generations actors open letter to fans

We live in a country that is notorious for artists living and dying in a state of poverty, tragically,  never managing to earn what is their due, despite being associated with a number of successful projects.   

Give Julius 'Juju' Malema a Bell's

I AM not one to encourage disruptions as I don't like being disturbed when enjoying my single malt, but Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) commander-in-chief Julius Malema deserves a Bell's for stirring the brown stuff in parliament this week.  

Mzansi needs a flat tax system

THE government should seriously consider the proposal by the Free Market Foundation (FMF) for a simplified, flat tax system to bring much-needed relief to the overburdened Mzansi consumer.  

Armchair Critic: Broken promises leave a trail of tears

THE month of July places the year at its halfway mark. Those in the habit of adopting new year's resolutions without a care whether these bring a mission to carry out are enjoying six months of forgetting.  

Armchair Critic: Justice factor in economic equation equals life

THOSE in the know place the health of the country in the hands of its economy.  

Legislative diarrhoea affects all

Unfortunately, people tend to endorse, even welcome, intrusions into their freedoms, writes Temba Nolutshungu  

Brewer pissing against the wind

SABMiller has launched a campaign calling for adults to discourage minors from drinking alcohol.  

Women must lead the way to a better world

AUGUST 9 in South Africa is acclaimed as Women's Day. The country extols the courage of women, as does the world, which marks March 8 as International Women's Day.  

The moral decay of corruption

THE ANC and its president, Jacob Zuma, have launched the Imvuselelo Campaign, recruiting people disillusioned by Zuma's poor leadership in matters of strategy and tactics.  

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