Lyric Analysis – K.O

Last week we looked at the lyrical analysis of AKA, who can be said to be the number one rapper in the market. This time we look at his counterpart; K.O, who can be said to be the number one rapper in the hood.  

Charmza of the week: General Lesetja Mothiba

OUR charmza this week is Gauteng police provincial commissioner General Lesetja Mothiba for acting swiftly to arrest those looting shops owned by foreign nationals.  

Moegoes of the week: Looters

THE looters of Soweto and other areas are this week's moegoes.  

Seeing the bigger picture of your future

THE bigger the image, the clearer the image, the more we can retain and remember what we saw.  

Zelda shows offher true colours

ZELDA la Grange, former private secretary to Nelson Mandela for 19 years, caused a stink yesterday when she posted racist rants on Twitter.  

COMMENT: Graft eats ANC

THE Democratic Alliance (DA) is not the enemy of the ANC. The biggest enemy of the ANC is inside the ANC, and that enemy is corruption.  

COMMENT: Zuma's disdain of the law

PRESIDENT Jacob Zuma has no credibility on the separation of powers and equality before the law as he and his government are the chief proponents that have seen the almost total destruction of the separation of powers and the distortion of our Constitutional order.  

COMMENT: Eskom keeps us in the dark

AS South Africans prepare to return from the festive season holidays and many companies prepare to reopen for business in the upcoming week, the state of South Africa's energy supply remains largely unknown.  

COMMENT: Wake-up call for media

THE tragic events of January 7 2015 in Paris perhaps require of us to have a far deeper debate and discussion about what is at issue here than some, if not most, editorial comments would suggest.  

Strange fellows who have been to Oval Office

REMEMBER when the US's biggest problem was a guy getting a blow job in the Oval Office of the White House?  

Lyric Analysis -- AKA

Lil’Hussil has been listening to South African rappers and some Homies are fresh, some are rancid, and others just… man, they are just JubJubing the game.  

Out of the kingdom, something great...

THE majority of successful black business people and politicians in South Africa today are products of the former KwaZulu homeland education.  

The price of free speech

The attack on the offices of French satirical cartoon publication Charlie Hebdo served as a stark reminder for the "free world" to review its understanding of how freedom of speech and mutual respect should intersect.  

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