Generations actors open letter to fans

We live in a country that is notorious for artists living and dying in a state of poverty, tragically,  never managing to earn what is their due, despite being associated with a number of successful projects.   

COMMENT: Land issue must be settled soon

THE land question is a stubborn ghost that will haunt us for years.  

Life is cheap in a world that's ready to die

WHAT is the world coming to? Life is no longer a song worth singing. There is discord everywhere. Even attempts to brighten the corner wherever you are, are casually blown out like candles in the face of a foul-mouthed tyrant.  

COMMENT: If they don't like it, they can move

YOU'D think by now South Africans would have buried the demon of apartheid .  

Newspapers are giving porn mags stiff competition

SEX adverts used to be found in dirty magazines. Now they are everywhere.  

COMMENT: No such thing as a 'quick' fix for Bafana

SAFA should get the Bafana Bafana thing right this time .  

COMMENT: Palestine's killing fields

Our freedom and our future have been kidnapped, writes Samah Jabr  

COMMENT: Classroom central to good education

This is where dreams are made or broken, writes Lucky Ditaunyane  

Aging - When memory becomes random

GETTING old is a bitch. As a boy I used to laugh at my grandparents whenever they forgot me at a bus stop.  

Children learn what they live

THE thousands of pupils who ran amok in the Joburg CBD this week, attacking vendors and looting shops, represent the future of our country - and it is a sorry sight.  

A share in land reform

RURAL Development and Land Reform Minister Gugile Nkwinti has published a policy proposal that commercial farmers give their workers a 50% stake in their farms, with the government paying for their share.  

COMMENT: EFF's 'revolution' is internal terrorism

THE ideologically confused formation led by demagogues, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), are continuing with anarchy.  

EFF's 'revolution' is internal terrorism

THE ideologically confused formation led by demagogues, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), are continuing with anarchy.  

Language of inequality

IT'S often said that South Africa is a land of equal opportunities, but I disagree.  

The value of having a moral guiding light

FOR many years I've learnt about the principles or values enshrined in our daily lives, the state of affairs of the government, trade and the economy.  

COMMENT: ANC must take control

THE ANC government has lost control of governing the country and President Jacob Zuma continues to show lack of leadership.  

Moegoe of the week: City of Cape Town

OFFICIALS of the City of Cape Town are a bunch of moegoes for cancelling the Cape Town Soccer Challenge pre-season tournament, hosted by CSuns Holdings.  

COMMENT: Vavi aims to hog headlines

IF the media could report about an ANC leader's torn socks, I bet Zwelinzima Vavi would condemn that leader for misrepresenting the working class by wearing torn socks.  

COMMENT: Greedy celebs don't deserve all these jobs

I READ the story of Bonang Matheba and the SABC with keen interest ("Tug-of-war battle over Queen B", Sunday World, June 8).  

Can the media really be free?

MEDIA freedom is back under the microscope in the light ofwhat is happening in Arab countries and the trial of Andy Coulson, the former editor of UK tabloid News of the World.  

The value of having a moral guiding light

FOR many years I've learnt about the principles or values enshrined in our daily lives, the state of affairs of the government, trade and the economy.  

The decay of corruption

THE ANC and its president, Jacob Zuma, have launched the Imvuselelo Campaign, recruiting people disillusioned by Zuma's poor leadership in matters of strategy and tactics.  

Thuli's office under threat

WHILE the public protector has a launched a fresh probe into the appointment of SABC chief operations officer Hlaudi Motsoeneng, a worrying trend was reinforced last week by the SABC and Communications Minister Faith Muthambi when they approved the appointment.  

Deaf to the new language of change

Black parents are still under the yoke of the oppressor's 'taal', writes  

New immigration laws - challenges and frustrations

DIFFERENT voices continue to vent their frustrations about what they perceive to be challenges with the new immigration regulations introduced by the Department of Home Affairs.  

Charmza of the week: Zonke Dikana

BRAVO to artist and producer Zonke Dikana for opening her heart to needy children.  

COMMENT: Ad feeds racism

I WAS shocked by the "Feed a Child" advert.  

EFF joke is way past sell-by date

ECONOMIC Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema doesn't know when a joke is played out.  

Parliament is no place to settle personal scores

THE Economic Freedom Fighters and the ANC must debate matters of governance in parliament and not use the House to settle personal scores.  

Armchair Critic: Broken promises leave a trail of tears

THE month of July places the year at its halfway mark. Those in the habit of adopting new year's resolutions without a care whether these bring a mission to carry out are enjoying six months of forgetting.  

COMMENT: Stop gambling with lives

WINTER is here - the time when many young men flock to the mountains to experience the rite of passage from boyhood to manhood.  

Armchair Critic: Justice factor in economic equation equals life

THOSE in the know place the health of the country in the hands of its economy.  

Taxi to Brazil? You gotta be kidding

I HEAR that some Mzansi peeps have just woken up to the fact that the World Cup is under way and are scrambling to get to Brazil.  

Hlaudi trading women as livestock

The silence of women advocacy groups and human rights lobbyists in the matter involving a Venda chief "giving" SABC boss Hlaudi Motsoeneng a young woman, a cow and a calf is deafening.  

It's our turn to be great

We owe the 1976 generation a debt of gratitude, writes  

Rihanna: The nipple effect - PHOTOS

The female breast is a site of both desire and disdain. And the sight of one in public can drive many mad – angry even insane.  

Armchair Critic: Colour-coded economy leaves blacks at a loss

An economy mired in the quicksand of racism is a curse to our common humanity, writes our columnist Oupa Ngwenya  

COMMENT: No pride in Bafana shirt

AT the Nike store on Oxford Street in London, the mannequins displaying England World Cup replica gear are lined up in formation with their right hands on the England crest.  

Moegoe of the week: Susan Shabangu

OUR moegoe this week is Minister of Women in the Presidency Susan Shabangu, for throwing a childish tantrum when she found her replacement, Mineral Resources Minister Ngoako Ramatlhodi, already at work in her old office.  

Malema a hypocrite

DURING the election campaigns, Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema was seen by his supporters as the next Thomas Sankara, the Burkinabe military captain, Marxist revolutionary and pan-Africanist theorist.  

Lost in transformation

At the most basic level, ubuntu is about acknowledging someone.  

Land equals freedom

IT was Frantz Fanon who said every generation needs to determine what its mission is and it is up to it to fulfil or betray that mission.  

Kissing and groping for political points - PHOTOS

THE political kissing has gone too far. It has to stop, right now, before it deteriorates to groping.  

COMMENT: Transformation has benefits for corporate SA

What does it take to make it in the corporate world when you’re young, ambitious and black?  

COMMENT: Men must learn to solve conflict, not kill in anger

I READ with disgust about a man who strangled his wife because he suspected she cheated on him. Sadly, the woman had a six-week-old baby.  

Comedian vs. Politician?

When the president of South Africa Jacob Zuma made comments about the roads in Malawi and bright people, then Fikile Mbalula made comments about Bafana Bafana and Kenyan swimmers, the country was amazed and couldn’t fathom why national figures would make such comments: or where the politicians being funny?  

Charmza of the week: Ngoako Ramatlhodi

OUR charmza this week is Mineral Resources Minister Ngoako Ramatlhodi for displaying professionalism and enthusiasm for his new job.  

COMMENT: War is waged on women's bodies

Rape is a popular weapon during conflict.  

Carter family working too hard for perfect image

For years, Jay Z and Beyoncé seemed to exist in a bubble of happily wedded bliss. Alas, all may not be so  

COMMENT: Has The Real Slim Shady sold out?

Long time fans of Eminem feel the rapper has sold out in recent years. But what's led them to believe this and is it true?  

DA’s liberalism - same as apartheid hateful discrimination

Discrimination reinvents itself. At times bluntly and other times with subliminal convenience.  

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