Marikana inquiry deserves channel

THE South African media are so transfixed on the Oscar Pistorius trial that they now even have special channels for it. We can expect it to get worse with the trial of honeymoon murder accused Shrien Dewani.  

#SAVotes: What will you be voting for?

As a citizen you have rights as a voter. To help you get ready, we are answering; what will you be voting for?  

Black lives still cheap

Why is the Oscar Pistorius trial wasting our tax money? Is it because a white woman was killed? So many black people were killed in Marikana for a living wage.  

ANC opposition is weak

WHY is President Jacob Zuma so arrogant? We all expected him to dodge and ignore comments by the public protector.  

Mpofu's role in Marikana case is questionable

SINCE the institution of the Farlam Commission of Inquiry, there has been a lot of developments, including that representatives of the families are playing an active role in party politics.  

SA still needs Buthelezi

WHEN the IFP won last week's by-election in KwaMashu, a clear message was sent that Inkatha does exist and it is here to stay.  

DA’s liberalism - same as apartheid hateful discrimination

Discrimination reinvents itself. At times bluntly and other times with subliminal convenience.  

Animal farm: When the elephant and pig become political

WHILE taken for granted is not fascinating how human beings appropriate certain attributes of animals to either extol acceptable behaviour or condemn unbecoming conduct amongst them in relation to positions of public trust that they occupy?  

Why the youth should vote

With the Economic Freedom Fighters appealing to many young voters, political party leaders were asked to motivate why the youth should vote for them.  

Armchair Critic: Political name-calling makes nonsense of our civilisation

 THOUGH gifted with the civilisation that separates them from the animal kingdom, the tendency by humans to resort to name-calling, labelling and attacks on fellow beings when unable to rise to the peak of a decent argument, never ceases to amaze.  
Mamphela  Aletta  Ramphele  is a South African former activist against apartheid, a medical doctor, an academic and a successful businesswoman who has formed a new political party speaking at the technology centre at NMMU Campus in Port Elizabeth. Pic: Eugene Coetzee.

Who funds the political critics and opposition parties?

RECENTLY the African National Congress expressed concern when it was revealed that the Democratic Alliance had gone out of its way to offer Agang founding leader Mamphela Ramphele a unique position of being its presidential candidate following a secret funder’s bidding. It is common knowledge that the DA's efforts were fruitless.  

New YFM line up very masculine

Is it me or is there a shortage of women on the YFM line up?  

The great radio reshuffle

APRIL marks the radio shuffle season when some our favourite DJ have migrated to new stations.  
Former Deputy President  Jacob   Zuma  leaves the Pietermaritzburg High Court where he appeared on corruption charges. Pic: Werner Beukes.

Does President Jacob Zuma ever stress?

What, if at all, stresses President Jacob Zuma in particular, Tisetso Mkube asks.  

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