Gentle Bafana Mahlangu led by example

When editor Abdul Milazi told me early last year about his desire to one day have the late Bafana Mahlangu in our editorial team, I could tell he had been tracking his work for some time.  

Foods to fuel your sex drive this Valentine's Day

Instead of eating out this Valentine's Day, why not eat in? Here are some foods to rekindle old flames and ignite new ones.  

The power of the doek (Photos)

Whatever you choose to call it, be it a doek, headscarf or turban - over the years it has been used as a symbol of power among many women in the diaspora.  

Five words that must fall in 2016

A lot of things need to be left in 2015, especially words.  

Ke Dezember boss, all the excitement, the flops and regrets in one bag

Ke Dezember boss! A battle cry to be merry and over-indulge with no qualms about tomorrow.  

Pleasures of masturbation

Knowing solo joy helps intimacy.  

The Trevor Noah phenomenon

Satirists debunk stereotypes through humour.  

Why we should undo Mandela's economic deals

Is South Africa finally maturing to the point that the economic - not just political - compromises of the 1990s democratic transition can be reconsidered?  
Bonanng Matheba. Picture credit: Instagram.

To weave or not to weave?

Legendary jazz trumpeter Hugh Masekela recently made many women lose their minds when he made public his strong hatred for fake hair.  

OPINION: Free varsity tuition won't benefit all

Higher education needs a fair funding model and a fair payment system  

Blanket varsity fee cut will benefit the rich

On campuses across South Africa, students continue their protests against higher tuition fees.  

COMMENT: Mothers fill our hearts with joy

We wish all our female readers a fabulous Mother's Day!  

COMMENT: Violent protests are no solution to grievances

IT is worrying to see images of violence on TV and in newspapers every time some groups of people are not happy about something.  

COMMENT: Please, ignore this ignoramus

AS A member of society I always wonder why the media are busy feeding us the news about this character, Mcebo Dlamini, the former president of the students representative council at Wits University at the centre of a controversy of something that is of no use.  

COMMENT: SA middle class is screwed

FINANCE Minister Nhlanhla Nene tried his best, but aside from the usual rise in sin taxes the increase in income tax means the middle class is monumentally screwed.  

COMMENT: CAF a showcase of skill

ANOTHER South African club has been accused of not taking a Confederation of African Football (CAF) inter-club competition seriously.  

I wouldn't mind tutoring a course on Boity

WHAT a relief! We are in the third month of the year and yet another prominent figure has been exposed for lying about academic qualifications.  

Sweet tooth and the brain

Most of us are addicted to sugar, so what happens to you when you give it up, asks Jordan Gaines Lewis  

Remembering Nelson Mandela walking out of jail

Today marks the 25-year anniversary of Mandela's release from prison.  

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