COMMENT: Conmen hijack land reform

IT is commendable that the government has extended the period in which people can lodge their land claims.  

Zuma made Malema what he is

THE ANC Youth League used "weapons of mass stinking" at Cape Town International Airport and the Western Cape legislature, yet they are still ANC members in good standing.  

Moegoe of the week: Ellen Tshabalala

OUR moegoe of the week is SABC chairwoman Ellen Tshabalala.  

Charmza of the week: Minister Lindiwe Sisulu

WHILE a lot of Ben10s around the country might find Human Settlements Minister Lindiwe Sisulu yummy, we choose to have her as our charmza this week. The hardworking Sisulu made it clear this week that the days of Serope Mperekela are over.  

Feather Awards a self-degrading misrepresentation of the LGBTI community

The Feather Awards seem to honour heterosexuals and misrepresent the complexity and seriousness of the LGBTI community writes Majola  

Whites profit on the back of black labour

PEOPLE who do the real work in this country are black people.  

Who was Ali Al'amin Mazrui? An intellectual warrior

THE warrior is dead, and the spear burns still.  The faint of heart scatter in fear of the scorching flames. Professor Ali Al'amin Mazrui died on Monday, and death has robbed us of one of Africa’s greatest scholars.  

When your finger hurts you all over

A MAN goes to the doctor and says he hurts all over.  

The death of whites

It is primitive and impractical to think of yourself in terms of race, writes Sandile Memela  

COMMENT: ANC and pseudo radical stances

BEFORE Pallo Jordan was exposed, he warned the ANC of making statements and policy positions as a response to Economic Freedom Fighters.  

Swazis must free themselves

SWAZI people are too depressed to feel the oppression in their country. This is the revelation I had when attending a wedding in Swaziland.  

Rural villages are forgotten

THOSE of us who live in the villages are always overlooked when it comes to empowerment, upliftment and development.  

Blackface reminds us society remains anti-black

Two white students—Mark Burman and Ross Bartlett— donned blackfaces and dressed up as “Venus and Serena Williams” at a party at the University of Stellenbosch.  

COMMENT: Memela gets it wrong on blackness

I DISAGREE with Sandile Memela's "What it means to be black" comment in Sunday World last week.  

Judging the judges, when they're black

This threatens our democracy, writes Mahlodi Sam Muofhe  

Prophet's faith fuelled by holy petrol

JUST how much petrol do you have to drink to kick the bucket?  

What does it mean to be black?

The past two decades have brought opportunities and choices and blackness has ceased to exist, writes Sandile Memela  

Unathi becomes fodder for the beauty trolls on twitter

Radio presenter and singer Unathi Msengana has become the latest victim of cyber bullying. The celebrity was attacked by scores of twitter trolls for two days.  

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