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Khosa rules the roost

2012-11-12 08:33:02.0 | KGOMOTSO SETHUSHA |

PEOPLE are not interested in Irvin Khoza.

DRIVING SEAT: Irvin Khoza says his re-election to head the PSL shows that soccer administrators recognise the good work he is doing.

 PSL boss re-elected for the fifth time 

This is what the man himself said this week after he was re-elected as PSL chairman for a fifth term.

"People are interested in feel-good factor news, news that bring excitement. They are not interested in Irvin Khoza," said Khoza. "We are in the business of entertainment and so we continue to remain innovative and creative in bringing excitement to the people who spend their hard-earned money.

"As administrators we have to relegate ourself to the back room and deal with issues that create excitement for football supporters. In that way we will defeat issues of factionalism. Factionalism means you don't have enough to present but yourself.

"If ever you are involved in an organisation where you have to serve the interests of members and you are conflicted as chairman of a PSL team, it's never easy to get elected unopposed.

"Perhaps there's something right that I'm doing. It's been a successful four-year term and improving financial streams of the National Soccer League."

Concerns have been raised about Khoza occupying several top positions in various organisations. This follows his nomination as president of the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (Sascoc).

"I did not nominate myself. I did not canvass. Even the first time I did not ask to stand, I was asked to stand. But I can't comment further on this until the appropriate moment. For now I'm an outsider," says Khoza.

Pressed on whether he was surprised by the nomination, Khoza said: "Maybe people are recognising the work I'm doing. Yes, I feel honoured for my name to have been put up. The challenges of sport administration require passion. One needs to be selfless.

"Convincing corporate South Africa to support you requires a lot in terms of your programme of action. It doesn't matter the type of spin you might use, corporate SA will never support you if you've got no progress and results to show."

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