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'This is a plastic industry': Tumi Morake's fear of asking designers to dress her

2017-05-18 13:12:26.0 | Tshisalive |

Tumi Morake has spoken out about her fear that designers won’t want to “glam her up” ahead of the highly-anticipated South African Music Awards (SAMAs) later this month.

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Tumi‚ who was named as the co-host of the glitzy event said that she is super excited‚ but is not looking forward to knocking on designers’ doors.

She told Jacaranda FM that she is “not looking forward” to asking designers to dress her.

“That’s the one thing I am not looking forward to. I have to go knock on designer’s doors and say‚ ‘please dress me‚ I know I’m double the size to your usual people but please...‚’” she said.

Tumi explained that she knows she works in a “plastic industry” where looks count for a lot but she’s not a big fan of the red carpet.

She added that she always hopes to get her looks right. “This is a plastic industry at the end of the day‚ let’s not pretend. I know me and red carpets are not best friends. I am always hoping I don’t embarrass myself‚” she said.

The comedian is hopeful that one of SA’s designers will come forward and say‚ “OMG I can glam you the hell up“.

Tumi is excited about co-hosting with the flamboyant Somizi‚ whom she hailed as the ultimate professional.

While Tumi might have fears about being “double the size” compared to “usual people” designers dressed‚ she has been looking all sorts of smoking-hot lately.

The comedian has been on an inspiring weight loss journey and has dropped more than a few dress sizes.

She has openly documented her journey on social media and has often told fans that she’s determined to get to her ideal weight.

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