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Tats Nkonzo opens up about playing 'Dr Phil' on Uyang'thanda Na

2017-04-21 10:40:41.0 | Tshisalive |

Tats Nkonzo has a background in comedy and now he’s making his mark in the reality TV world as a host on the new hit dating show‚ Uyang’thanda Na.

Tats gets to witness first-hand the potential love stories unfold and either the rejection or acceptance that the participants get after approaching their crushes on national TV.

He spoke to TshisaLIVE about the assumption that he is a love doctor or plays the “Dr Phil” role to the participants of Uyang’thanda na.

“Look‚ half the time I am just there cringing or looking away because I can relate to some of the situations. But I am really just a glorified match-maker as opposed to a Dr Phil or love doctor‚” he said.

The stand-up comedian adds that as much as he gets to encourage the participants and sometimes tell them that they have made the right choice‚ he is not as brave as they are.

“I am the “suffer in silence” type‚ so I admire how brave these people are. I can’t even laugh at them although I mostly laugh with them because the nerves are real‚” he said.

The Uyang’thanda Na presenter‚ who has also recently joined the Metro FM Fresh Breakfast team for a spot of comedy every Monday‚ added that he loves being part of a show that tells “real stories“.

He said that part of the reason he thinks people will be hooked is because he knows that “people will always relate to stories that involve a crush‚ because everyone has had or has one.”


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