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Mrs Sexwale II? Just a few suggestions

2013-02-25 10:39:29.0 | SHWASHWI |

SO our Minister of Human Settlements Tokyo Sexwale is almost single.

Wouldn't it be fair to suggest a second wife - or arm candy at least?

Someone to share whatever Judy is kind enough to leave behind? And who has enough of her own money to be trusted not to fleece him further.

Zindzi Mandela: last we heard, or read, she was with some French hottie.

Anyways, her youthful looks and hearty laugh will guarantee that she keeps the minister's guests entertained with her infectious personality and flair.

Lindiwe Mazibuko: The fact that she always has something to say might unnerve Mr Sexwale.

But he'll ignore that and focus on the fact that she'll double-up as his spin doctor when his PA and secretary are out for spa treatments.

Advocate Cawekazi Mahlati: Her title says it all.

Cawe will give him free legal advice and stand up for him in court.

That way he'll save tons of cash in the courtroom, paving the way for more overseas holidays in private jets.

Edith Venter: She seems like the Egyptian cotton 300 thread count, imported mineral water, cashmere shawl and mink coat-wearing madam.

Edith will ensure he parades in the finest cloth cash can buy or designer sponsored - landing him best dressed man nominations.

Barbara Creecy: The Gauteng education MEC obviously has a three digit IQ. And she's deemed humble and genuine.

No blue-light brigade or a collection of red-sole shoes that cost more than a rural village's annual GDP.

She won't exhaust his budget and she'll keep him grounded.

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