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Luvvies 'n luvverlies - Cream, creme 'n scream!

2012-04-22 11:42:30.0 | Shwashwi |

MOI and my sidekick just had to join a handful of peeps and freebie-loving schlebs who have too much free time on their hands for the Avon ANEW's 20th Anniversary celebration on Thursday afternoon.

BELLY OUT 'N BELLY UP: Pearl Thusi showed flesh 'n Nzinga Qunta opted out
ALL NATURAL: Gerry Elsdon boasted

 Moving on... Top Billing's Salamina Mosese was so sleepy, the poor thing almost dropped dead on the floor 

That's an anti-wrinkle cream for those in the dark.

I mean you, not the people who use it.

Anyways, the dooh was at the trendy Fire & Ice Hotel in Melrose Arch in Jozi.

Avon isn't short of budget when it comes to money. But they could do with an infusion of imagination.

The theme was "black and white".

Who came up with that dull idea during this colour blocking season?

Thank God that didn't sink the mood of the guests, who were all giggly and chatty.

It was an absolutely gorgeous dooh that qualified to be a high tea.

Spotted TV presenter and model Nzinga Qunta at the hotel reception sitting on a couch and looking as though she was about to burst into tears.

Moi overheard that her driver was nowhere to be found. Ag, shame.

People usually leave after, not before the event, hun.

Moi loved the skin lecture - until Gerry Elsdon nasally gushed about how she'd never cared for her skin until much later in life.

Gerry, hun, everyone knows that's BS.

Your skin has always been flawless and radiant and that's the reason you couldn't be bothered with Snow White.

Oh, God, here we go again... for you ignoramuses, that's a cream our aunties used to use that burnt their skin.

Goodness, Shwashwi always has to educate!

Moving on... Top Billing's Salamina Mosese was so sleepy, the poor thing almost dropped dead on the floor.

What was wrong, sisi?

Has the pregnancy fairy visited the Moseses again?

Please share before we start gossiping... oops, we've already started. Sorry.

Must add that it was refreshing not to bump into Sophie Harrington and her cleavage because those two have been gracing too many events lately.

Same way we wouldn't have missed Pearl Thusi's presence.

She rocked up in low-cut jeans and a black see-through stomach-out blouse with a white bra underneath and ... wait for it! ... a bellyring!

In 2012?

Bless Avon for their technologically advanced products.

Some women will remain youthful for life.

Is that how Xolile Tshabalala does it?

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