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Charmza of the week: Govan Mbeki

2012-04-15 13:26:31.0 | Shwashwi |

SHE'S fondly called MaMbeki by young and old in her community.

Picture taken from www.myfundi.co.za

They respect her not only because she's the wife of late ANC struggle veteran Govan Mbeki and mom of former president Thabo Mbeki. She's also a selfless human rights campaigner and struggle icon in her own right.

Now Rhodes University in the Eastern Cape is conferring an honorary doctorate on 92-year-old Epainette Mbeki.

Our charmza, says the university statement, is "a profound South African symbol of exceptional human endeavour and unwavering commitment to educational advancement and social development".

Nuff said, charmer!

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