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Going, going, down! Razzmatazz 'n desperate girls

2012-03-04 12:22:18.0 | Shwashwi |

ZAR nightclub in Sandton, Joburg shut its doors permanently last Saturday and moi was there to gloat... I mean catch the moment.

ACHTUNG! Kenny Kunene made a grand entrance

 Of course, just like Juju and his political career, Kenny declares ZAR has not ended. 

Must say there's something odd about the death of the highbrow drinking hole coinciding with the political misfortunes of one Julius Malema, who was a regular at the joint.

About a year ago Juju proclaimed loudly that ZAR belonged to the ANC and would never close down.

Now neither of them do.

Hah hah hah hah hah!

Shame, Juju was nowhere to be seen.

Of course, just like Juju and his political career, Kenny declares ZAR has not ended.

He says it will now be a mobile club that will visit different provinces on invitation.

He brags that clubs going to the people is a global trend.

Ja ja. There's another name for that... ah, yes, hit and run.

Anyways, at least he went down with a bang. He made a grand entrance at the densely packed club on chest-reverberating motorbikes flanked by flesh-flashing babes and made certain no one stole his last moment .

And old faces showed up to bid the palace of pleasure farewell.

One of these was the loveable Lunga Williams in white shorts and a checked shirt.

Anyone for golf?

He croaked his typical deep-throat laughter and said unprintable things.

Bulging Segale Mogotsi made an appearance surrounded by voluptuous ladies, with a forgettable member of Crowded Crew, whom he plans to relaunch as a kwaito artist.

Anyways, the gals were all quite desperate.

Such as students Precious Chauke and sidekick Malebo Mahlakane, who rotated uncontrollably like spin-tops on the dance floor.

Shame, the execs in the VIP lounge paid no attention and now their chance has gone underground with the club.

After a few tipples Palesa Mokoena seemed to stick to any man who would oblige.

Model wannabe Thandeka Mashiane danced herself into a lonesome corner and left with chum Nompumelelo Magagula in tow.

Modelesque Kagiso Pitsoe, who distributes organic remedies, was also left standing.

Semi-naked pair Flo Ndaba and her cousin Fikile Dlamini, who passed herself off as Queen Mokoena, stole the night with hot moves on one of the bikes.

Sinazo Yolwa made herself pleasant to Kenny.

Be careful, my dear, he eats 'em fresh and young.

He chose Nokuthula Manzi and Kay Mhlaba, both Wits students from Pietermaritzburg, but packed 'em off at about 6am.

The striking Joyce Molamu - remember the Fikile Mbalula's sex debacle? - told tall stories to her newly-found friend Fikile Dlamini.

Despite confessing to a long-distance love-affair with a North-West politician, Molamu left with her new catch just before dawn.

And all that was left was the sorry figure of Kenny DJing into the morning with moi sadly watching.

Tissue please... excuse me.

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