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Smooth movers

2012-01-29 09:22:56.0 | On the social scene with Shwashwi |

People's husbands must stop working late so their wives aren't left on their own.

It's an undeniable fact that Shwashwi is a lover of all things fab, so moi headed to the Miss Lux Smooth Skin winner announcement.

Oooh, were the girls smooth or what?! No Photoshop necessary.

  • Blogger and SA's influential man Khaya Dlanga should've influenced his girl Priscilla to wear a properly fitting dress.

Gosh, the bust size was 10 times too big for her boobs, if not more.

  • While gasping for breath, the ravishing Sonia Sedibe strolled in among much fanfare, cameras flashing all over. It's amazing the woman didn't lose her eyesight.

Of course, being my overly observant self, moi noticed Mrs Sedibe was wearing shoes that were bigger than her feet. So sorry I couldn't overlook it, hun. Must say you did a superb job as MC, though.

Tell me, the part about your whole family using Lux, is that true or were you paid to say it?

Hmmm, but you're hot!

  • Baby Jake Matlala, you're so little that the gigantic Shwashwi almost stepped on you.

Did moi tell you how relieved I am that you're alive and healthy?

Where was your wife while you were out gallivanting?

  • Still on soloists, it was great to see Gerry Eldson too.

But people's husbands must stop working late so their wives aren't left on their own. Shame.

  • Former miss SA Bokang Montjane blessed us with her elegant presence shortly before the event started.

Isn't it a relief to finally be able to have a dop at functions, darling?

My sidekick told me you had to stay sober during your rein.

That's sugar coated corporal punishment!

  • The moment of truth came and Amanda Jingela was crowned Miss Lux Smooth Skin.

It was so sweet to see her proud mom.

Shwashwi shed a tear too.

Is anyone proud of me?

Oh, I know it's not about me, but it should be.

Lux, here's hoping the "Season 2" will be bigger and that you'll organise a live band or something. That background music was torture!

Needless to say, it was fab!

I'm almost impressed.

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