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'She started screaming and took off her clothes' - Model's final tragic hours before suicide

2017-09-11 11:13:02.0 | Batlile Phaladi, Ngwako Malatji and Amos Mananyetso |

Following the bizarre death of model Lebogang Domenic Mathuloe on Monday morning, social media went abuzz about a mysterious white man suspected to have killed her.

Picture credit: Instagram.

Sunday World has established who the man is but cannot name him for legal reasons.

Police sources said Mathuloe met the man on Sunday night. "The white man told investigators that he was with his black male friend at a hotel in Sandton having drinks. At some point his friend left their table and Mathuloe approached him and asked him to join her and her friends at another table. The man suggested that Mathuloe should instead join their table," said the police source.

"They later left that hotel and went to two other clubs to drink some more. During their conversations, Lebo told him that she had relationship problems and the man also confided in Lebo that his relationship was facing some problems.

"The man claims Lebo asked to spend a few days at his house while she sorts herself out. "

According to the official, who did not want to be named as he was not authorised to speak to the media, a squabble broke out between Mathuloe and the male owner of the townhouse in Joburg where she went to fetch her belongings.

"The man was seemingly angry that Lebo was leaving. "

On the way to Hartbeespoort , the black male friend made a call asking his girlfriend to join them . Upon arrival at the golf estate, they continued partying .

"When the white man later joined [Lebo] in bed, she apparently stormed out wearing only her vest and underwear. The other couple woke up and then she stormed out of the house.

"She went to knock on another house where a woman there gave her a skirt and walked her to the guard house. The security guards called the cops who came but then she became hysterical. She started screaming and took off her clothes.

"The two male officers had to retreat to go get a female officer. While they were away, a white lady who works in the estate's club house came to take Lebo and went to her office with her."

The cop said Mathuloe grabbed two pairs of scissors and started cutting herself. "The lady ran away screaming because she thought Lebo would attack her. Then people in the gym started coming to see what was happening. It was at this point that Lebo dropped the scissors and grabbed a steak knife in the kitchen.

"She ran out screaming and stabbing herself around the neck and upper body. A doctor who stays in the complex certified her dead next to a car in the parking lot," he said.

Mathuloe was buried in Kagiso yesterday.

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