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Bob Mabena 'moers' wife's old classmate

2017-09-11 09:19:06.0 | Aubrey Mothombeni |

Veteran radio broadcaster and MSG Afrika head of programming Bob Mabena is a wanted man.

Bob Mabena and wife Eucharist. Picture credit: Mabuti Kali.

Mabena allegedly assaulted Thabo Arthur Khuduge, an old friend of his wife Eucharist Hadebe. This was after Khuduge allegedly joked about him dating Hadebe while they were in high school.

It appears that Khuduge, 37, did not take the beating he endured at the hands of Mabena and his friend as a joke as he reported the matter to the police.

Now Midrand police officers are investigating a case of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm against Mabena and his friend for the incident that happened in the wee hours of last Sunday morning.

According to a police affidavit deposed by Khuduge, Mabena, 48, and his friend, who was not known to Khuduge, punched, pushed and kicked him while at Shaguma restaurant in Midrand.

The Midrand businessman said he had joined Mabena and his wife at their table at about 1am for drinks after his friends had left. He joined the two because he had known Mabena's wife for years as she was his classmate in high school.

Khuduge said the two were happy to welcome him at their table but the moment was short-lived as Mabena then wanted to know how he knew his wife.

He told Mabena that he knew Hadebe from high school and jokingly said they dated while they were in high school.

According to the statement, Mabena and his wife were not happy about the one-liner and told him to stop talking about the past.

"Eucharist then said I was embarrassing her. She became angry and she started to scratch my face with her nails while cursing at me," the statement reads.

But what appears to have angered Mabena was allegedly Khuduge's comment in which he said "he did not understand why Eucharist dumped him for an older man".

Though Khuduge said the statement was a joke, he said Mabena's wife shouted at him, pushed him on his chest and ordered him to leave their table if he did not want to be beaten.

However, Khuduge said before he could leave the table, Mabena and an unidentified friend joined Eucharist and started pushing him against the wall and also punched him until he fell to the ground.

"While I was on the ground, Mabena, his friend and his wife kicked me all over my body until I started bleeding from my nose, face and head," he said in the statement.

Khuduge said it took the restaurant manager and other patrons to stop Mabena and his friend from assaulting him.

Police spokesman Mmakgomo Semono confirmed that the case was opened at the police station.

"The police are inspecting and investigating the matter and we are yet to arrest the suspect," he said.

When contacted about the case, Mabena said he had not received any call from the police about the matter.

"I have not been contacted by any police ... I am about to board a plane and I don't know any Arthur," he said.

Khuduge refused to comment about the case but confirmed that he was a regular visitor at Shaguma restaurant in Midrand.

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