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WATCH: Bonang opens up about her parent's divorce

2017-05-18 12:39:48.0 | Tshisalive |

Bonang Matheba has opened up about growing up with divorced parents explaining that they made sure their split did not affect her.

Bonang and her mom. Picture credit: Instagram.

Bonang was on SABC 1 show‚ Six Zeros to My Name‚ and spoke candidly about her childhood.

“My childhood was amazing. When I look back there are lots of incredible memories.”

Despite this she admits that she did crave a “family unit.”

“You crave a family unit. Wanting your mom and dad to be together‚ growing up with siblings‚ which is something I didn’t have. But my parents gave me more than that. They gave me love and attention.”

Her parents‚ Gampi and Charlotte‚ split when she was young and she said despite the family breaking up‚ it never truly affected her.

“I never felt like it was a physical separation. But they love they had for each other and me outweighed everything else that was happening around me.”

Check out the video here (skip to the 15 minute mark)


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