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R200k papgeld bill for soccer club boss's son

2017-02-13 09:12:48.0 | Aubrey Mothombeni |

The son of a prominent PSL club owner has been slapped with a papgeld bill of almost R200000 per month until his divorce has been settled.

The court order covers most of the wife's household expenses and some comfort cash. / ISTOCK

Additionally, the man's estranged wife demanded a once- off payment of R75000, which the court granted.

The man, who cannot be named by law as he is in the process of a divorce, was ordered by Judge Dimpheletse Moshidi of the South Gauteng High Court to pay all the monies on or before February 28.

The couple, who have two children, were going through a bitter divorce following accusations and counter accusations of physical abuse.

Court documents read: "The respondent [the man] shall pay to the applicant as maintenance for herself the sum of R50 000 per month. The responded shall pay to the applicant as maintenance for the minor children the sum of R15000 per child.

"The respondent shall pay to the applicant as payment for rental for accommodation for the applicant and the minor children the sum of R25000 per month directly to the landlord on due date thereof as well as requisite rental deposit and the costs associated with the lease agreement."

The man, who once played for his father's club, was ordered to "retain the applicant and the minor children on a fully comprehensive medical aid scheme at his costs, and pay all medical expenses of the applicant and minor children".

This order included any additional medical expenses like hospital, dental, surgical, optometric, orthodontic, psychaitric, physio and pharmaceutical costs that might not be covered by the medical aid scheme.

"He [must] reimburse the applicant for any medical costs paid by her within five days of presentation of an invoice by her, by e-mail, to him," said the judge.

The man, who now works for the PSL club, will have to pay for the children's educational expenses, including crèches and private school fees as well as school trips and excursions.

"The minor children's extramural and sporting expenses and all associated costs including but not limited to equipment and clothing, which activities shall include but not limited to soccer, swimming lessons, kindermusiek and yoga," read the court documents.

Water and electricity costs for the wife as well as for monthly ADT armed response security costs are included, with provision made for "the applicant's short-term insurance premiums, which shall include the household furniture and personal effects of the applicant and that in respect of her motor vehicle", the papers further declare.

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