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Gwede is no sex doctor

2016-01-24 09:48:55.0 | AUBREY MOTHOMBENI |

ANC secretary-general Gwede Mantashe has refused to be drawn into a bonking dispute between a mayor and her husband, saying "I won't take his wife to the bedroom for him".

PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA - JULY 2: ANC general secretary Gwede Mantashe during a press conference after the Alliance Summit on July 2, 2015 at Saint George Hotel in Pretoria, South Africa. The ANC and leaders of Cosatu and the SACP met last week to discuss the strength of the Tripartite Alliance. (Photo by Gallo Images / Sunday Times / Simphiwe Nkwali) PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA - JULY 2: ANC general secretary Gwede Mantashe during a press conference after the Alliance Summit on July 2, 2015 at Saint George Hotel in Pretoria, South Africa. The ANC and leaders of Cosatu and the SACP met last week to discuss the strength of the Tripartite Alliance. (Photo by Gallo Images / Sunday Times / Simphiwe Nkwali)




Tshwane businessman, Executive Letshoa had gone to Mantashe to help him get his wife, Jostina Mothibe, who is executive mayor of Madibeng Municipality, back into his bed after accusing her of getting her knickers wet elsewhere.

The construction mogul accused his wife of relegating him to a bystander in his marriage and also destabilising the Madibeng Municipality by giving tenders to her alleged new boyfriend, IT tycoon Justice Maphosa.

In his SMS plea to Mantashe, the dejected husband says: "I was left alone with my kids to struggle alone and also confronted with thugs having guns in my house..."

But Mantashe did not want to get involved and replied: "Why is your tail between legs?"

Letshoa, also an ANC leader in Madibeng, repeated his claim to Sunday World this week that Mothibe was dishing out tenders worth millions to Maphosa.

His SMS to Mantashe reads in part: "The reason why there is havoc in Madibeng she instructed acting MM to award five tenders worth 60 million to one service provider Rueben Nelson. Now when comrades are questioning [they] are confronted by thugs which are paid by her (sic)."

Mantashe told Sunday World this week that as the ANC's secretary-general he did not get involved in members' private lives.

"As the SG I'm an administrator and advisor but when people conflate issues I become very circumvent, that's why I asked him if his tail was between his legs. I realised that we may be dealing with issues of infidelity of which is something that he could have taken to his branch," said Mantashe.

He said when Letshoa contacted him it was not clear whether he wanted help with his marriage or raising issues about tender irregularities by his wife.

"He wanted me to be a marriage counsellor. Unfortunately I won't take his wife to the bedroom for him. I won't. The man is feeling inferior to his wife and he could not differentiate between an ANC matter and a family matter."

Mantashe said if Letshoa wanted to raise issues about tenders, the ANC could deal with that.

"If he raised that (tender irregularities) and conflate that with the issue of Maphosa sleeping with his wife, the ANC can look into that matter, but (will) not intervene in his bedroom," said Mantashe.

Letshoa said Mothibe left him two months after she was appointed executive mayor of Madibeng Municipality.

"I used my last cent to fund her campaign and lobbied comrades to second her appointment as the mayor. But within a week she was not coming home, leaving me with the kids, sometimes for a month and later disappeared the whole year."

Letshoa said when he confronted her she told him she was attending meetings. The ward 16 leader said he met Mothibe, a divorcee at the time, after she was demoted from being a member of the mayoral committee (MMC).

"At the time she was still used to living an expensive lifestyle, and I maintained her, gave her my cars, Mercedez Benz SLK, Pajero, any car you can think of. But little did I know that she would later say I'm not good enough for her," Letshoa said.

He said he hasn't enjoyed his conjugal rights since his wife became mayor in August 2014, saying she always claimed to be tired or was not in the mood.

He said things got worse when his wife disappeared for a few months without checking up on him or the kids, and later he discovered that she was staying with her parents.

"When I asked her she said she did not want the people to complain about having a mayor who stays outside their province.

"Then I went to her house once, and the next thing she changed the locks and the next day there were security guards at the gate. They blocked me and said I'm not allowed to come to the house anymore," Letshoa said.

The Pretoria-based construction tycoon said when he asked her parents what was going on "they said to me I'm not fit to be the spouse of a mayor".

He said he later discovered that she was seeing Maphosa who had just been awarded an IT Tender worth R100-million by the municipality last May.

Letshoa said when he confronted his wife about the alleged affair, she threatened him.

Sunday World has learnt that when she attended the ANC birthday celebration in January last year, Mothibe slept at a penthouse booked by Maphosa in Cape Town and had booked her husband a room at a hotel on Long Street.

Maphosa confirmed that Mothibe slept at an apartment booked by him in Cape Town but said "she was not the only one who slept at the hotel. There were other 40 delegates who slept there."

However, he denied having a romantic relationship with her. "I don't have a romantic relationship with the mayor. It's a lie and political gossip."

He said he had known Mothibe for the past 20 years "as a sister and a comrade", but they've never kissed, touched or shared a bed.

Maphosa said he did not know that Mothibe was married because he had never met her husband.

"I have never met or seen her husband. But if he thought I was destroying his marriage, like any man would do, he should have called me or sent me an SMS or sought a meeting with me. I would have explained everything to him because I'm happily married and I have no intention of sleeping with his wife," said Maphosa.

Mothibe refused to speak to Sunday World when the municipality spokesman contacted her in our presence this week.

Maphosa confirmed that his company Flame IT Consulting was awarded a five-year IT tender at Madibeng Municipality though he claimed that the contract was signed before Mothibe was appointed executive mayor.

The IT tender in question is being investigated by the Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs after a whistleblower reported it to the Presidential Hotline.

Sunday World has seen documents addressed to the acting municipal manager M.E Manaka, asking for answers on the tender as it was said "to have been unbudgeted for".

The municipality declined to comment on Mothibe's personal life. Regarding tenders, it said that the appointment of service providers was done in adherence to the law and supply chain management policy.

"These pieces of legislations prohibit the executive mayor from partaking nor interfering with the procurement of goods and services.

"We therefore believe allegations raised are disingenuous," the municipality said in a statement.


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