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More blues for Our Perfect Wedding bride

2016-01-17 10:56:01.0 | AUBREY MOTHOMBENI |

The controversial groom from an episode of the much-loved reality TV show Our Perfect Wedding who was arrested for fraud and forgery has been let off the hook. But more scandals are creeping out of his closet.

Wanda Mhobo, who was arrested and released on bail on December 21 for allegedly forging bank payment documents to his wedding planners, had his case withdrawn a few days before Christmas after he settled his bill of R30000.

Mhobo, a practising physiotherapist from Soweto, deserted his wife Ratanang Mhobo at the altar of a Midrand wedding venue claiming that he was hijacked on his wedding day in December.

But it was later discovered that he was avoiding crossing paths with his creditors as he had allegedly duped them with fraudulent bank statements and proof of payments.

Sally Slade, owner of wedding venue and planning company Ambrosino Hall and Catering, confirmed that they received payment for their services.

"We dropped the charges after receiving the full payment for our services as it was part of our agreement with the groom and his boss that as soon as we are paid we will withdraw the charges," Slade said.

Sunday World has now learnt that Mhobo had allegedly planned everything and lied about not being able to afford to pay for the wedding.

According to police from the Midrand police station, the bride's stepfather, who Mhobo claimed had promised to cover costs of the wedding, told police that the groom was a "crook" who deliberately embarrassed his daughter so she can divorce him.

The father allegedly told the police that Mhobo sold the couple's family home in Diepkloof, Soweto, a month before the wedding for R1-million through an estate agent and hid the money from his wife.

"He [father] said the wife only found out when she received a call from the estate agent asking when they were moving out of the house because the new owner wanted to move in," said the police officer, who did not want to be named as he was not authorised to speak to the media.

The officer revealed that prior to that, Mhobo was at loggerheads with his wife trying to convince her to send their two kids to his mother in the Eastern Cape.

"She refused and questioned his motive. She told him the kids were part of their happy family and they should not be taken to the villages. The father said Mhobo deserved what he was getting and said they were not planning to bail him out," another officer said.

Mhobo confirmed the case against him had been withdrawn but refused to comment about allegations that he had lied and had sold their home. "I'm not willing to get into details about that matter. Sorry, goodbye," he said.

Mhobo's wife asked to be called later but ignored our calls and messages. The father also refused to be drawn into the matter.        

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