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The Zola 7 TV comeback is totally happening

2015-06-17 14:40:59.0 | Sunday World |

After a long TV hiatus, Zola is finally making his comeback on the small screen.

Picture credit: Mzansi magic

News of Zola’s new Mzansi Magic show “Utatakho” set social media into a viral frenzy, over the weekend.

The new docu-reality series will debut on Tuesday, July 7 at 19:30.

The 13-part show is billed as a platform to resolve issues of paternity using DNA testing, allowing the individuals involved the opportunity to answer questions of parentage that they have been unable to answer before.

Zola will play the role of mediator and investigator on the show that aims to bring resolution and understanding to the difficult topic of absent fathers through  in-depth interviews.

“I really wanted to be involved in this particular program because it tackles a subject that is very relevant to many South Africans, and very close to my own heart. I want people to see that they can engage, that there can be a powerful positive outcome to years of questions, that using a combination of science and respect, we can have meaningful conversations about paternity, family, future. I think audiences will be inspired and moved by the stories that are told on this show.” Zola explains in a statement.

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