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Sexwale's smart pick

2013-05-05 15:37:31.0 | MOSA MOKHEMA |

TOKYO Sexwale's new Portuguese girlfriend was always in the top 10 of her class and was always involved in modelling, her high school says.

BRIGHT: Nataxa da Silva, Tokyo Sexwale's new girlfriend

Nataxa da Silva, a law student at the University of Pretoria, matriculated from Pro-Arte Alphen Park High school in Pretoria in 2008.

"Oh, I still remember Nataxa. She was always good at academics, so beautiful and so well groomed. She always looked nice in her school uniform and was always tidy.

"She carried herself so well," says the school's public relations officer Ina Grobbler.

According to school records, Da Silva was always in the "top 10" of her class throughout high school.

She also took part in Mr and Ms Park - the school's beauty pageant.

Da Silva's primary schoolmate Lefentse Moope says although she was not close friends with the model, she has known her for a long time. "She must be 22 or 23 now. I was a class ahead of her and as far as I remember, she was always 'proper' and 'model-like' and was very good at sports in primary school," says Moope.

Twitter went crazy last week when the Sunday Times published a story about Da Silva dating the billionaire human settlements minister.

Sexwale, 60, who admitted through his lawyer that he was dating the model, is involved in a bitter divorce with his wife of 20 years Judy.

Sexwale had not responded to questions at the time of going to press.

His soon-to-be ex-wife declined an offer to respond.

Attempts to track down Da Silva for comment also proved fruitless.

Tokyo tweets:

@zibusisoe: "I too would ditch Judy for Nataxa da Silva, but then again Tokyo."

@katz e pila: "Shem the old man is rebounding!!! Tokyo u go 4 it u sexy man:). Nataxa da Silva thanx 4 beating me 2o it!!!"

@Hypress: "Nataxa da Silva, Kenny's army. Dear young lady. Pls stop sleeping with old men & poloticians. Its kinda nasty and you are so much ..."

@Mo-Shabz: The things money can attract though: Nataxa da Silva is freaken hot! EH!"

@Justsaying: "Father figures make such great bank investments."

@K_anye: "Anyway her name is Nataxa da Silva and she is NOT black."

@Cindy: "Nataxa da Silva read the Sunday Times. Enjoy the highlife while you can."

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