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Farewell Mido Macia

2013-03-11 09:46:35.0 | MZWANDILE kaBIZOKWAKHE and ANTONIO MUCHAVE |

AT THE behest of his older brother Sergio Macia, Mido Macia's father, Josefa Macia agreed to let his then 10-year-old son come to South Africa.

It turned out that that young boy, Mido Josias Macia's death would expose and bring to the fore how the law in South Africa can be brazenly broken by those entrusted with upholding it.

In an infamous cellphone video, taxi driver Mido (27) was dragged handcuffed, behind a police van, in broad daylight by five policemen after he committed what turned out to be the "capital" offence of parking on the wrong side of the road, said witnesses.

He was later found dead in police cells a day after the altercation.

Last week, the old man (Macia senior) made the dreadful trip to South Africa to fetch his second son's lifeless body after he was brutally killed in the neighbouring country that had given him and his family the means to live a better life.

Sergio is said to have died from a car accident.

One of Sergio's four children, supported by Mido, lived in the East Rand with the late taxi driver, until he died at the hands of Daveyton police that fateful Monday.

On Friday, the same day that Macia senior escorted his son's body back home to Maputo for burial, nine policemen appeared in the Benoni Magistrate's Court in a bail hearing for his murder.

Until February 20, Macia senior had two direct descendants in the "country of Nelson Mandela", as locals here affectionately call South Africa, after the landmark 1994 democratic elections.

In the sweltering heat of Matola Rio, Mozambique a crowd of about 1 000 people, including a delegation of compassionate South Africans, came with groceries as gifts, as if to atone the unatonable.

Among the high-profile South African delegation present to pay their last respects was former president Nelson Mandela's wife Gra├ža Machel.

Mido's wife Beuda and son Sergio sobbed quietly while sitting next to her husband's coffin, which was draped in a brown and white kanga look-alike cloth, in a simple funeral, for a simple man.

The crowd dripping with sweat, sang struggle songs like Siyaya and Leth' Umshini Wam', made famous by President Jacob Zuma.

Mido was interred at the Texlom Cemetery at noon yesterday in the blistering heat that had mourners wiping off sweat from their brows and tears off their eyes.

His father stood stoically while propping up both his wife, daughter- in-law Beuda and daughter Ortencia.

His alleged murderers will appear in the Benoni Magistrate's Court again tomorrow.


9th cop arrested in police brutality case

THE safety of nine police officers charged with the murder of Mido Macia was highlighted again in the Benoni Magistrate's Court on Friday, where it was also announced that a ninth officer had been arrested.

The men, all from Daveyton police station, claim in their affidavits they were surprised to hear of his death as he had not complained of any injuries.

A postmortem shows Macia suffered head and body injuries. His body was found in the holding cells.

The four attorneys representing the officers - who all indicated their clients would be pleading not guilty - unsuccessfully tried to convince the court not to allow the media to publish their photographs or broadcast their images.

This was in response to media's application to gain access to the bail proceedings.

The lawyers argue that the officers lived around Daveyton where the incident happened and even if they were to be redeployed their work would suffer as the public would recognise them, compromising their personal safety.


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