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No animosity - Steenkamps say they have no hatred for Oscar

2013-02-25 07:32:04.0 | NOMASWAZI NKOSI |

NEVER in the annals of this country's criminal court history has a murder case gripped the attention of the South Africa public - and the world - like the Oscar Pistorius- Reeva Steenkamp tragic saga.

CRESTFALLEN: Oscar Pistorius holds in the tears as lensmen snap him before court proceedings begin. Pictures Tsheko Kabasia

Some took the opportunity to grandstand and or express anger - - such as businessman Kenny Kunene and the ANCWL, respectively.

In sharp contrast, the model and law graduate's father, Barry Steenkamp, says he doesn't harbour any hatred or animosity and isn't against his daughter's alleged murderer being granted bail.

"All I can say is my feelings go with the family," says Steenkamp.

"I feel for them and what they must be going through. I feel for Oscar's family, their pain as a family. At the moment I have no animosity or hatred against Oscar."

The Steenkamp family held a private service for Reeva, a 30- year-old law graduate and model, at Victoria Park Crematorium in Port Elizabeth on Tuesday.

This was the same day proceedings began for Pistorius' bail application, lead by defence heavyweight Advocate Barry Roux.

After Pistorius allegedly shot and killed Reeva on Valentine's Day, the media circus went to town, releasing new "damning" information on a daily basis.

The paralympian was granted bail of R1m at the Pretoria Magistrate's Court on Friday afternoon after being arrested on February 14 and enduring a five-day bail application.

Magistrate Desmond Nair found the R1m bail amount appropriate for a man of Pistorius's wealth and considering the nature of the crime.

Pistorius was charged with a schedule 6 offence, which means he had to prove exceptional circumstances to be granted bail.

It also means that, if convicted, he faces life imprisonment.

There was a sense of relief from the Pistorius family when Nair announced that the international athlete would be granted bail.

His uncle, Arnold Pistorius, said after the bail ruling that the family is relieved but they are also mourning with the Steenkamps.

The case was postponed to June 4 and Pistorius received strict orders to arrive in court at 8.30am for every appearance.

Reeva's father said he did not know at this stage if the family would attend the trial.


Bail conditions

HE must be present at every court date at 8.30 am.

Must not return to his home at Silver Woods estate in Pretoria, where the shooting occurred;

Must reside at an address that will not be disclosed to the public;

Must hand in all his passports and not apply for any passport or travel documents and stay away from airports;

Must report to the Brooklyn police station between 7am and 1pm from Monday to Friday; and

May not be in possession of any kind of firearm and must hand in all his firearms.

Meanwhile, earlier on Friday, before the ruling, Pistorius' coach Ampie Louw implied it could be business as usual as early as tomorrow for the track athlete.

He said his training would resume, though the "Blade Runner" would not compete.

"I think that will be a very good thing to do, I think just to get his mind clear. The sooner he can start with a bit of work, the better," he said.

"He is not going to run anywhere, so why not give the guy bail?"

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