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R70m pad, R1m ride - Minister's soon to be ex-wife demands life of luxury at his cost

2013-02-11 07:22:15.0 | PREGA GOVENDER and WERNER SWART |

HUMAN Settlements Minister Tokyo Sexwale has come out publicly to vehemently deny claims by his estranged wife in their messy divorce battle.

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Sexwale is furious over claims by his wife, Judy.

Sunday Times reports that in her court papers, she says Sexwale is a bully who physically and emotionally abused her.

The couple would have celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary tomorrow.

In her affidavit, she alleges: "There have been problems in the marriage which the parties have been unable to resolve, including but not limited to (Sexwale) having subjected (the wife) to physical, verbal, mental, emotional abuse and cruelty."

Celebrity divorce lawyer, Billy Gundelfinger, says he is authorised and instructed by Sexwale to identify him as the minister referred to in Friday's media reports.

Gundelfinger says Sexwale rejects as "false" allegations made by Judy relating to his conduct.

Details of the divorce were revealed in newspapers on Friday but neither of the parties were named.

In an unprecedented move, Gundelfinger says Sexwale has authorised him to publicly confirm the divorce proceedings, adding that all the allegations would be "fully ventilated" at the trial.

Judy Sexwale's lawyer, Beverley Clark, says: "Certainly, Judy would rather that their divorce had been handled in an entirely discreet and dignified manner, but this has unfortunately proved impossible, as her husband is not paying her any maintenance, or willing to discuss any reasonable sort of settlement in order to bring the matter to finality, as she would like to do.

"The parties are married in community of property, and I don't have to tell you that they are well known to be one of the wealthiest families in the country. It does not seem fair that Judy is having to rent a tiny flat, while her husband enjoys himself in their many multi-million rand homes and other assets."

The divorce will see a showdown between two of the country's top divorce lawyers as Gundelfinger and Clark have a repute in the field.

Sexwale issued summons against Judy - with whom he has two children aged 19 and 20 - for divorce in October last year.

Details of Judy's intended claim are included in her answering affidavit, in which she says she wants a R70m house, R3m to furnish it, a R1m car every five years as well as monthly maintenance of R150000, among other things.

Judy, who describes herself in court papers as "an adult female homemaker", accuses Sexwale of trying to hide his wealth from her. She is a trustee of the family trust.

She claims there is no hope of reconciling.

Johannesburg High Court Judge Ramarumo Monama gave Judy 10 days to file her particulars of claim.

The couple met while Sexwale was incarcerated on Robben Island. Judy, whose maiden surname is Van Vuuren, was a paralegal assisting in his trial on charges of terrorism.

They married in 1993, three years after his release from prison.

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