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Wanna be an SA idol? Then join the queue

2013-01-28 08:36:45.0 | SOMAYA STOCKENSTROOM |

THE search for the next SA Idol has started.

ROARING SUCCESS: Khaya Mthethwa is riding high after releasing his first album

Last season boasted the highest viewership numbers in the history of the competition and over 2,9-million votes were cast in the final week.

Last year's winner Khaya Mthethwa and top 10 contestant, Shekhinah Donnell agree that it's worth entering as their involvement in the competition changed their lives in immeasurable ways.

Donnell says being voted off fairly early on helped her as she was able to write her matric exams.

She passed with exemption and got a distinction in drama.

She warns it is better to wait till after you've finished high school.

Donnell says she will now focus on making a success of her music career rather than studying further.

"I hope to bring out an album by the summer but I've been working super hard on my first single - something to inspire the youth," she says.

Mthethwa, on the other hand, is enjoying the fruits of his title.

Having released his debut album, he has been nominated for a Metro FM newcomer award, chosen to be a choirmaster in Mzansi Magic's new reality show Clash of the Choirs: South Africa and he's opening for international star Miguel in March.

"It feels great. It's such an honour to be nominated for an award with artists who've been making waves for most of last year," he says.

"I knew the people were hungry for my album but its success really took me by surprise."

His advice to new contestants: "For me everything starts with God and then just being me at all times.

"There's nothing worse than watching someone who's acting out just because there are cameras around. Be you. Stay humble and always be nice - even to the lady that serves you food."

Wannabe idols should join the queues at these venues on these Saturdays: February 16: Soweto Theatre; March 2: Durban Playhouse; March 23: Sandton Convention Centre.; or Twitter: @stixstreams

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