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'Prosper was behind hit' - Tina

2012-12-16 16:35:00.0 | NGWAKO MALATJI |

In a dramatic turn of events, businessman Prosper Mkwaiwa's wife, Afro-pop siren Tina, is accusing him of being behind their shooting.

Tina and Prosper were shot in their hotel room in Morula Sun about a month ago by a man who asked them to have sex in front of him.

The perpetrator shot them both in the legs and fled the scene, leaving his weapon behind.

There has been speculation on social media sites that Mkwaiwa was behind the hit, with his motive unclear, but the couple was quick to put up a united front refuting these rumours.

This week Tina did a U-turn as she indicated that she suspects Mkaiwa is behind the shooting.

She also said the two no longer share a roof after the incident.

Speaking to Sunday World on Monday, Tina, who was crying feebly, alleged that a source within the police told her to ask Mkwaiwa what happened on the night of the shooting.

This was after she asked why they hadn't yet arrested the suspect, despite being in possession of video footage they obtained from Morula Sun.

"They told me Prosper must tell me the truth of what happened on that night.

"They told me he knew something about the incident.

"If Prosper doesn't love me anymore why would he want to hurt me?

"That explains why he hasn't slept at home since the shooting," says Tina.

But Tshwane police spokesperson Katlego Mogale dismisses as untrue Tina's claims that Prosper was implicated in the shooting and denies any member of the police might have tipped her off with this information.

"The investigation is ongoing and at no stage did Tina speak to the police about her allegation that Mr Mkwaiwa could be a suspect in the case.

"Video footage collected from the hotel was sent for authentication and analysis to assist with the identification of the suspects and constant feedback has been given to the complainants," she says.

Mkwaiwa confirms that Tina has accused him of having colluded with his girlfriends to try and harm her.

"She says my girlfriends wanted to kill her, but to say I was involved in the shooting is nonsense."


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