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Palacios' secret out - Staffer, baby, papgeld

Dec 10, 2012 | NGWAKO MALATJI |

FORMER Bafana Bafana and Orlando Pirates coach Augusto Palacios is embroiled in a love-child scandal.

The married Palacios, who is the director of Pirates Development Academy, allegedly had a baby with a member of staff at the academy. Her name is known to Sunday World,

It is understood Palacios has maintained the boy since he was born last year but stopped footing the bill a few months ago.

Palacios initially denied that he had an affair with the woman or fathered a child with her.

But when questioned about why he was not maintaining the child he appeared to backtrack, stating that "last week I gave (her) R3000.

"I deposited it at the bank.

"I will never deny to maintain someone who came from me, but this thing happened accidentally."

He said his last contribution was paid into a Standard Bank account.

News that the married Palacios fathered a child with his subordinate was revealed by a person close to the two parties.

The source, who asked his identity to be protected, says his motive for letting the cat out of the bag was "because I hate men who don't take responsibility for their actions".

The source says Palacios and the woman met at their workplace.

"He promised to maintain the child, which he did at first. But now he has turned around and told her that his culture does not allow him to maintain a child born out of wedlock.

"She wanted to go public about this but was stopped by a family member," says the source.

Our source's tale was corroborated by one of the woman's relatives, who also pleads for anonymity,

The relative, who was interviewed at her friend's home in Mamelodi, Tshwane, confirms that the woman in question mothered a bambino with Palacios.

"She lives in Tembisa with the child. She is struggling to raise the child alone.

"Sometimes she gets help from her mother who also works for Pirates," says the relative.

The woman refused to speak to Sunday World over the phone on Friday.

"I'd rather have a meeting with you. Let's meet tomorrow (yesterday)," she said.

But when called to finalise arrangements yesterday, she pleaded for the interview to be moved to Monday.

"I have a lot of things to do today (yesterday) including going to the derby later. I also need to talk to my parents if possible.

"I'd like you to interview me at their house so that they can be my witnesses. I don't want to be misquoted," she said.

Palacios also says: "Not that I had an affair with her.

"It was just an accident ... Though it's a mistake, I don't want the boy to suffer.

"I didn't want this to be known because this is going to destroy my family, my marriage and I'll lose my job at Pirates.

"I'm a Catholic and this will also cause problems at church."

But late yesterday Palacios's daughter Gabriela Palacios- Flusk made contact with this newspaper to refute her father's statements.

She said she was the veteran coach's legal advisor and threatened legal action if the story was published.

Part of her written note to us reads: "I am not sure what agenda or whose agenda your paper is intending to carry out, but Mr Palacios explicitly records that the story lacks all truth in all respect(s).

"Mr Palacios is a highly respected member of the community an (sic) any story that places any doubt to (sic) his personal or professional life is highly untrue, damaging and as a result defamatory.

"Earlier this morning (yesterday), I personally spoke to the lady supposedly involved in this alleged affair and she confirms that your journalist contacted her and that she told your journalist she knows nothing about the matter.

"She is willing to record this on (sic) an affidavit.

"So then how does a responsible publication publish something that is vehemently denied by both parties involved and which is clearly stories by people close to her seeking money and fame?

"Upon your earlier confirmation, we have already briefed our attorney Bowman Gilfillan in Sandton, who will be addressing you later with a possible interdict..."

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