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'Playboy cheat' - Now Mdladla doesn't pay

2012-11-26 06:55:48.0 | SOMAYA STOCKENSTROOM |

FORMER Generations actor and new face of OutSurance Buyile Mdladla has been outed as a "thieving cheat" by a Joburg guesthouse owner.

OLD DAYS: Buyile Mdladla and ex-wife Carol - who called him a cheat. Picture by Eddie Mtsweni

This fresh on the back of a sex scandal published in Drum magazine in which he was accused of sending video clips of himself masturbating to a young female fan.

His ex-wife Carol also publicly accused Mdladla of physically abusing her and having a roving eye.

Micasa Sucasa, guesthouse manager Jody Askins and bookeeper Winnie Houston say Mdladla checked into their Melville guesthouse several times over a period of a year and a half, each time with a different woman.

"He even came here the Thursday before his wedding and the woman he was with was not his fiancée (Connie Khaas)," says a fuming Askins.

Askins and Houston say Mdladla failed to pay them more than R10000 for accommodating Carol and his kids on credit.

Askins says she trusted Mdladla as he always paid upfront when he checked into the Melville Guesthouse.

Mdladla does not deny nor confirm the allegations about his "playboy" activities. In a short written response to Sunday World, he acknowledges owing the money and says he will meet them tomorrow.

But a livid Askins will not hear of that until the ex-Kaya FM presenter pays the cash into her bank account.

"I trusted this man as I got to know him well. I know and he knows he didn't come there to hold meetings. I didn't bother with it as he paid me each time for the few hours he stayed.

"He'd check in first and these women would meet him. Every time it was a new girl. He came so often I charged him a reduced rate of between R500 and R580 instead of R1050, depending on how many hours he'd stay. He never stayed overnight," she says.

She says he visited her at Melville Cafe in July this year begging her to put up his ex-wife and children.

"He claimed her house wasn't ready and they needed a place to stay. I felt sorry for the kids and even charged him a measly R650 a night, breakfast included. I didn't charge him upfront. I took it for granted that he'd pay me."

Houston says they called Mdladla for payment after his family had stayed there for two weeks.

"He said 'don't worry about it. I will pay'. But he didn't," she says.

The family checked out on August 6, but "no money came. Phone calls were made and e-mails sent to him. On September 7 we got hold of him and he promised to pay R1000 a month. But still nothing," says Houston.

In an e-mail dated October 24, he says he is "sorry" for not settling his account and not being in touch. He says his job contract ended and he is struggling to make ends meet.

"Next Thursday I am starting on a new job (sic). I know I'm in no position to ask for favours but I'd appreciate it if we could go back to the payment arrangement that I made with Winnie," reads his e-mail to Askins. But that was the last they heard from him.; or Twitter @StixStreams

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