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Juju defends the ANC

2012-11-26 06:56:57.0 | KHETHIWE CHELEMU and KATLEGO MOENG |

EXPELLED ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema has defended the ANC over the demolition of Lenasia houses, blaming it on the Gauteng housing department.

PITCHING IN: Former ANC Youth League president Julius Malema made a belated appearance at the Lenasia demolition party. Picture by Vathiswa Ruselo

 Party 'not responsible' for Lenasia debacle  

Malema told Lenasia residents outside the Johannesburg High Court that they shouldn't blame the ruling party because the government took a decision to destroy their homes.

This was soon after Judge Phineas Mojapelo had ruled in the residents' favour that there should be no further demolitions .

On handing down his order, Judge Mojapelo postponed the matter unconditionally to allow the parties - residents and government - to reach an amicable solution.

He further ordered that no further demolitions take place and that the parties approach the court once they are ready for a hearing.

The South African Human Rights Commission took Minister of Human Settlements Tokyo Sexwale to court to ask the court to stop the department from carrying out any further demolitions in Lenasia.

Malema told the residents: "It is not the ANC that demolished your homes but the government. The problems of the government shouldn't be swallowed by the ANC.

"There is no Mickey Mouse who is going to demolish your homes. If they want to demolish without a court order, we will defend those houses with our lives. We will become human shields."

He challenged Tokyo Sexwale to immediately go to Lenasia and address the housing issue.

"We call upon Tokyo - he is always said to be the man of the people - to find a permanent solution in Lenasia and come and talk to you."

There was displeasure among members of the PAC and the National Freedom Party, who accused Malema of only getting involved in the matter now while they had been trying to assist the community since their plight begun.

Malema defended himself by saying the reason he had stayed away was because he was writing exams.

"Let us put our political differences aside because this problem does not affect the ANC only. Your unity is very important," he said.

After addressing the crowd, he went to Lenasia to inspect the houses that had been demolished, where he attacked premier Nomvula Mokonyane for supporting the demolitions.

He chanted: "Down with mini-skirt premier! Down!"

"It cannot be our government that killed our people in Marikana. It cannot be our government demolishing our houses," he said to a crowd of about 100 people.

Malema visited few of the sights in Lenasia extension 13 and Lenasia South extension 4, where more than 80 houses have been demolished.

He promised legal assistance for a family who claimed that a "big fish" who is part of the "grab syndicate" was harassing them.

They said they were renting one of his many houses in the area, which had been earmarked for demolition.

But Malema warned residents not to rebuild their houses until the matter had been resolved with the government. He also encouraged residents to fight back, saying he was inspired by the woman who ran into her house as the government-hired bulldozer was about to demolish it.

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