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E-toll Bill put on hold - pending processes

2012-11-26 11:40:43.0 | Sapa |

THE South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Sacci) has welcomed the hold put on the so-called e-toll Bill.

"It is a sign that government is taking note of, and acting on, public views," Sacci says.

"However, an equitable way must be found to finance improvements to the roads when the debate resumes in February next year."

The Bill was withdrawn from debate in Parliament on Thursday.

Transport department spokesperson Tiyani Rikhotso says the portfolio committee has held its public hearings and is due to bring the matter before Parliament.

"The bill has not been withdrawn. The portfolio committee on transport had to give Parliament a three-day notice for the matter to be brought before the National Assembly. The matter has been postponed," Rikhotso says.

He says that while the South African National Roads Agency Limited (Sanral) was ready to implement e-tolling by the end of the year, Transport Minister Ben Martins felt it was important to allow "the parliamentary process to run its course".

Sacci says that a substantial percentage of the e-toll fees would go to cover the administrative cost of the system makes it unacceptable and a more efficient revenue-collecting model is needed.

"The withdrawal and delay in adopting a final position on the e-toll [system] reflects on the political sensitivity of the issue," Sacci says.

Sacci adds that it has prepared a position on broad international best practices in infrastructure development, which it plans to submit to government and all partners.

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