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What an anti-climax!

2012-11-19 07:03:19.0 | AMANDA NGUDLE |

GENERATIONS' followers have been seemingly misled by the popular soapie's former actor on the social media network Facebook.

HIS baby mama? Winnie 'Khethiwe' Modise.

 Excited generations fans get a letdown 

The ardent fans thought they were about to be treated to top drawer action when Inkaba actor Dumisani Mbebe, who played the role of his namesake Dumisani, wrote on his Facebook wall that he would be rejoining the soapie.

On Tuesday, Mbebe wrote: "People I will go back to Generations soon.

"Khaphela is gonna die and Khethiwe's child is my child. I can see you missed me a lot."

His Facebook message generated as many as 87 comments.

He later posted a picture of the old Generations cast, in which he appears.

The next day, he roped in his followers with yet another nostalgic moment saying: "I can see why my people are mad at me (sic), it's because of this Inkaba project I was working on and I just left Generations unexpectedly.

"I'm so sorry my beautiful fans (sic) I'l (sic) get back to generations soon."

But Generations' publicist Nyagunda Ngwenya says it's all in his mind.

"He has a contract with Inkaba. Why would he come and be a dad to Khethiwe's child? He must stop misleading his fans with publicity seeking stunts."

When asked to comment on his social media utterances, Mbebe replied in Afrikaans: "Hou jou nare kommentaar na jouself as jy nie iets spesiaal to se het." (Hold your nasty comment if you don't have anything special to say.)

It seems Mbebe's worries stem from the fact that, unlike his previous stint at Generations, which is likely to be on our screens for many years, Inkaba is a telenovela that is set to end in the next few months.

After that it's anyone's guess what will happen next.

Who is fibbing here - Dumisani or the publicist?


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