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Reggie Molamu in dog box over rural woman's dress

Nov 19, 2012 | AMANDA NGUDLE |

TOP fashion designer Reggie Molamu is heading for a showdown with a rural woman over a dress she ordered from him two years ago.

SHOCKED: Reggie Molamu. Picture by Mabuti Kali

Penelope Bopape from Giyani in Limpopo is up in arms as she doubts the dress will still fit her due to the lengthy waiting period.

Bopape says she saw the dress on singer and Rhythm City actress KB on a magazine cover.

"I saw this dress in November 2010 and the credits mentioned Molamu.

"I called him to ask if he could custom-make the same dress for me," she says.

Everything was discussed in detail by e-mail, she says.

"He then sent me an invoice for R3800, which I paid immediately, and I waited for my dress, thinking since he was such a well-known designer he would deliver."

Asked why she thought famous designers deliver she says: "I was in Giyani and that place is too far to just up and go to Jozi for measurements and collection.

"I used to order from Lipsy in Cape Town. And if they could deliver I thought he would deliver as well."

When contacted Molamu expressed shock and remorse that his client was so enraged.

"I know I should have kept in touch with her but she also should have fetched the dress.

"I don't deliver. I had promised to bring the dress with me on an imminent visit that was later cancelled.

"But her dress has been waiting for a year. I gave her my studio address to fetch it.

"Why didn't she organise to get it collected?"

Bopape blames the delay on the designer's tricks.

"He promised to bring it with him to Polokwane. Then his phone was off that entire weekend.

"When I called him again later, he made me wait at the mall until it was too dark to wait any longer.

"I want him to pay for all this and all the airtime I spent calling him."

Molamu has promised to have the dress ready for collection next week.

Bopape says: " I'm coming to collect it and it had better be ready."

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