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Dogged by a wannabe

2012-11-19 07:14:24.0 | BONGIWE SITHOLE |

RECORD label owner and producer Tshepo Nzimande is allegedly being stalked by an obsessed woman who has fabricated a love relationship with him.

FED UP: Tshepo Nzimande. Picture by Tsheko Kabasia

 The only way to get things is to sleep your way up 

Nzimande alleges a woman by the name of Puleng has been stalking him and interrupting his private life with his family, and he is fed up.

"This started in 2010 after I declined her demo. I can't even enjoy privacy with my wife and family. She calls and sends text messages, especially on weekends," says Nzimande.

Nzimande showed Sunday World the text messages, which he left unanswered.

In some of her conflicting SMSes, she blames herself for loving him. In others she puts the blame on Nzimande for "getting too close to her".

One text reads: "I miss you my love, but I won't take advantage, I wish I could see you right now, I love you so much."

Another says: "Please call me I miss you, I want to sleep next to you, I do not care even if you reject my demo."

The texts are full of contradictions. One moment she is in love, the next she is breaking up and then she is sending apologies.

"Goodbye Tshepo, maybe you will be happy I am breaking up with you for ever. I will not stress myself with you especially since you do not care about me, so have a nice life I am done," reads another.

"I'm sorry ka mehlolo e keo etsang yona (to put you through this misery), I found myself without dignity - ke hlophana le wena osena molato, ntho entenang keya hoo beya pelong (I'm always bothering you but you are not at fault and what troubles me is that I've put you in my heart) more than my career," goes another.

Nzimande says he tried to get the cops involved but they laughed at him.

"This is embarrassing. I went twice to Johannesburg Central police station and I was sent to special crimes. They sent me back to the police station. The cops did not take me seriously. They laughed, assuming that I have a relationship with this girl when I don't," he says.

However Johannesburg Central communications officer Constable Bila says: "Stalking is serious and a case needs to be opened before it is sent to special crimes. Those are the legalities."

Nzimande says there is no peace at his home; he is disturbed by countless phone calls made by the obsessed woman.

"It is so hurtful to be harassed by someone at 11pm and even in the early hours of the morning when my wife and I are sleeping. As soon as I switch off my phone she texts me several times," he says.

After making endless calls to the mysterious Puleng, she spoke to Sunday World and confessed to stalking Nzimande.

"I just wanted a promotion, I met him at Bula Music in 2003, and he kept looking at me in a way that showed that if I slept with him I would get signed in to his record company. "I was desperate. Friends convinced me that in Joburg the only way to get things is to sleep your way up," she says.

Puleng, who declined to give us her surname, was born in the Eastern Cape and raised in the Free State.

She phoned Sunday World on numerous occasions and admitted to sending messages and blaming Nzimande for all the drama.

"Yes he has proof of me texting him. I am so sorry. I made a mistake. Seriously, what pisses me off is that he says he has never met me.

"He knows me very well. He used to give me looks, checking out my boobs and speaking to me through the eyes, showing me that he wants me.

"We agreed that if I sleep with him I will get what I want," says Puleng.

Nzimande denies being in contact with her and says he only contacted her once and will open a case against her.

"These are serious allegations. I do not know this woman. I want to open a case against her. I do not think she is sane," he says.; or Twitter @bongirand2

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