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ANC bigwig 'a cheat' - Estranged wife sues for R50k a month

2012-11-19 07:11:05.0 | KHETHIWE CHELEMU |

The wife of a senior ANC leader is demanding R50000 monthly maintenance from her estranged husband, whom she accuses of humiliating her by being involved in a public romantic relationship with another woman.

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Neither party can be named due to the laws governing divorce proceedings in South Africa.

On Tuesday the leader, who is serving in government, brought an application before the Johannesburg High Court demanding that the wife provide him with a discovery affidavit, which she has failed to do despite the demand.

The leader is seeking a divorce from his wife of many years but she is not prepared to walk away with nothing.

The Johannesburg High Court ruled that the wife make a discovery affidavit, submit all documents relating to the matter that will be used during the divorce trial and also present the affidavit to the ruling party leader's attorneys within five days, after which a trial date will be set.

At the trial, the woman will seek monthly maintenance that she says will go towards her reasonable expenditure, which includes medical, dental, surgical and orthodontic treatments that are not covered by her medical aid.

"These also include sums payable to a physiotherapist, occupational therapist, psychiatrist and chiropractor, the cost of medication and the provision, where necessary, for spectacles or contact lenses."

She states that the amount payable shall be increased yearly on the anniversary of the divorce order by the percentage change of the Headline Consumer Index.

"It would be just if he were ordered to contribute towards my maintenance," the woman pleaded.

She urged the court to grant a divorce decree and to order the leader to pay for all her reasonable expenditure.

The wife accuses the other woman, who now lives with the leader, of ruining her marriage of more than 30 years. The woman and the leader once worked together for the ANC.

She claims her husband formed and conducted a relationship with the woman and for that reason lost interest in the continuation of their marriage. She says this led to the leader moving out of their matrimonial home some years ago.

She admits that the leader has no interest in continuing with their marriage and that he has filed for a divorce.

However the leader denies her allegation that their marriage broke down because of his alleged affair, which he says began after the couple had separated and after the marriage had already broken down irretrievably.

The leader says his relationship has no bearing on the breakdown of his marriage.


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