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Youth jobs indaba

2012-11-12 10:08:07.0 | CHRIS MORE |

THE fact that the youth are becoming a majority component in the population has made the endeavor to heighten professionalism among young peple in the country more critical.

Even more crucial is that, at approximately 44%, the youth unemployment level is the highest of any population group in the country.

This matter will receive heightened attention next year when the government, in partnership with the Commonwealth Africa Regional Centre, the University of South Africa and the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) undertake a joint conference to address the professionalisation of the youth.

The initiative was launched on Friday with the announcement that South Africa will host the Commonwealth Youth Work Conference on the Education and Training of Youth Workers in March next year.

The aim of the indaba is to engage public, private, academic and diplomatic stakeholders on the importance of capacity building for young workers.

In the context of the growth of the youth population in Africa, especially in South Africa, the conference will present an opportunity to promote the education and training of youth workers as primary providers of services to the youth.

In seeking to highlight the importance of promoting youth work as a viable career choice, the theme of the conference will be "Towards Professionalising Youth Work".

NYDA CEO Steven Ngubeni says: "The development of standards to guide the professions is fundamental to developing youth practitioners.

"We also need to ensure that a code of ethics is established to guide the work of practitioners and that the interests of youth are protected."

He says the NYDA will start the legislative process that will, among other things, lead to the creation of the Youth Work Profession Council (YWPC) next year.

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