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Drunk Kelly assails fans

2012-11-12 06:53:46.0 | NGWAKO MALATJI |

AFRO-POP chanteuse and self-confessed recovering drug addict Kelly Khumalo was involved in a drunken bust-up with her groupies and purported boyfriend at the controversial Feather Awards in Joburg on Wednesday night.

OUCH! Kelly Khumalo's mind became as light as a feather and her words as sharp as razors after she overindulged at the Feather Awards this week. Picture by Veli Nhlapo

 Screams and #$%! after they take pics 

Khumalo, of the Qinisela hit, caused a dramatic scene when she ordered two unknown women who took pictures of her as she was staggering out of the venue to delete them from their gadgets.

An eyewitness, who spoke to Sunday World on condition of anonymity, says Khumalo wobbled towards the two women with her eyes so wide open it looked as if they were about to pop out of their sockets and yelled at them.

"What the f*** do you think you're doing? Delete those pictures now!" she is said to have screamed. When the two shocked girls promised to delete them later, Khumalo, who is the mother of convicted murderer Jub Jub Maarohanye's son, contorted her face and insisted that they erase them in her presence and threatened to destroy their camera if they did not oblige.

"Delete them now in my presence. I don't like you," the witness says Khumalo said.

As the girls were deleting the pictures, a man said to be her boyfriend arrived and grabbed her and dragged her towards the car.

This is said to have piqued Khumalo, who allegedly screamed at him: "I'm not going to the f****ing car! Leave me alone."

A video seen by Sunday World showed her sister Zandi also trying fruitlessly to convince her to leave the two ladies alone and get into the car but the sozzled Khumalo refused to budge.

Like a bag of potatoes, Khumalo was finally bundled into her big Hummer SUV.

Khumalo declined to comment about her dramatic night and refered all queries to her manager Sarah Setlaelo.

In a statement, Setlaelo confirms Khumalo's booze-soaked bust-up but dismisses the claim that the man who was pulling Khumalo is her boyfriend.

"On feeling disrespected by two ladies who kept taking photos of her, she lost her temper with them.

"Khumalo has never claimed perfection since admitting her past battle with drugs.

"Khumalo's drug of choice was cocaine and though alcohol can definitely be a problem, it was not what Kelly sought help for. On October 16 she celebrated one year of being clean of drugs.

"The gentleman who was with Kelly on Wednesday is not her boyfriend; he is a mutual friend of ours. Kelly is currently single and not dating.

"Today Khumalo drinks alcohol occasionally. On the night of the Feather Awards she overindulged after an intense and demanding schedule," says Setlaelo.


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