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Siphokazi attacked

Oct 15, 2012 | NGWAKO MALATJI |

FORMER SABC 1 presenter Siphokazi January was allegedly beaten up by an Eastern Cape woman accusing her of rubbing bellies with her hubby.

'ASSAULTED': Siphokazi January

 She said 'you think because you appear on TV you can go around sleeping with married men' while hitting me with the keys. 

January has opened a case of common assault at East London's Cambridge police station against a member of the fairer sex known only as Buyisa.

Speaking to Sunday World from the coastal city where she works for True FM, January says she was shooting the breeze with her friends at a function in the city a few weeks ago when Buyisa confronted her and accused her of sleeping with her husband, known only as Bumile.

She alleges that Buyisa took out car keys from her handbag and hit her on the head with them.

She says she ran into her car, cranked it up and hit the road. To her horror, she says, the marauding Buyisa followed her until she stopped at a petrol station.

January says she alighted from her car and told Buyisa that she had not peeled Bumile's banana and that she did not know him from a bar of soap.

"She said 'you think because you appear on TV you can go around sleeping with married men' while hitting me with the keys."

January, who was reportedly engaged to faded kwaito artist Zola, says Buyisa apologised the following day but when she refused to extend an olive branch to her, she threatened to ruin her reputation.

"She told me that she would go to the papers and expose me. When I met this guy there I didn't know that he had a woman in his life and we are not even dating," she says.

Police spokesperson Captain Mluleki Mbi confirmed the case.


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    general statements like these will get you into trouble...
    Oct 16, 2012


    hey you we don't need tribalist idiots like you in our beautiful Mzantsi
    Dec 4, 2013


    You envy Xhosas hence your idiotic reach-out. You know they have something u don't have. Beaty and brains. I would be shamed to bedmouth other tribes bcoz I believe in myself and my tribe.

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