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'Take a pill!' So says 'cheating' minister to her pastor hubby

Sep 17, 2012 | NGWAKO MALATJI |

"IF my husband is hurting, he must buy Panado and drink it with lots and lots of water to relieve the pain."

PROMISES, PROMISES: Samuel Fidelis and Hlobi Ndlovu married in a heart-melting ceremony in New York last year

These are the flippant words of Swaziland's minister of culture, sports and youth affairs, Hlobi Ndlovu, about her South African husband, businessman and pastor Samuel Fidelis.

Ndlovu was responding to questions by Sunday World about her alleged extra-marital affair.

When told that her husband was hurting after he allegedly caught her with another man at OR International Airport on Monday, Ndlovu recommended that Fidelis stuff himself with pain killers.

Ndlovu and Sam walked down the aisle at a wedding that "melted the witch's heart" in New York in May last year.

But their wedding bliss is melting like an ice cube in hot water after the Monday incident.

Our source says Ndlovu left Swaziland for overseas, saying she was going to Russia on government business.

It is alleged that when she returned from Russia, she slept in the airport's VIP lounge on Sunday.

"Sam was informed by his people that his wife was in the airport lounge with another man.

"When he arrived there the following day, he found her sleeping in an upright position on a couch with the man, who was also asleep, leaning against her.

"An argument erupted and then Sam left," says the source.

Sam says: "I'm hurting at the moment.

"I love my wife and I think we'll find a way to resolve this."

Sam, the former spokesperson for bus company SA Roadlink, declined to give us more details.

"I will issue a statement next week when I'm fine because at the moment I'm not OK," he says.

It is understood that Fidelis has dispatched a team of family members to Swaziland to deliver his complaint while contemplating his future.

But Ndlovu spewed bile and encouraged her husband to buy headache tablets and swallow them with copious volumes of water to assuage the pain.

"I can't help it. What was wrong with me being with a man at the airport?

"He will still find me with men there and maybe with you next time when you interview me," she says.

Your marriage is allegedly on the rocks. Do you still love your husband? we ask.

"I'm not going to discuss that with you," she says.



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    Sep 17, 2012


    The whole jigsaw about "if you don't perform in bed.." is a fallacy. A ho is a ho china. They leave marital beds for 'variety'. Not having money is another fallacy. I've witnessed a few taking their wawawa elsewhere in their convertibles that were bought as 'birthday present'. Not to mention having a house of Top Billing standard. A ho is a ho china!!!
    Sep 20, 2012


    fully agree with you Tlhagaraga
    Oct 14, 2012


    @ Tlhagaraga. This is a lot of hogwash a slut is a slut. It might also be the case that your wife or girlfriend is been consumed behind your stupid back. After all who lied to you that you can perfrom in bed, because performance sexually is relative thing. There is always someone who is better off than you sexually. This is nonsense. You are an idiot.
    Sep 19, 2012


    @WhiteLiver may I ask you somthng? Exactley what age must a person get married. I got married at the age of 26 and Im 35yrs old now

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