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Humiliated over a 'short' skirt

Sep 3, 2012 | NGWAKO MALATJI |

"YOUR dress code is unacceptable! Go and change into something appropriate!"

SHOCKING! Pearl Nxele's skirt came to just above her knee.
ANGRY: Sundowns GM Kenneth Makhanya. Picture by Tsheko Kabasia

This is what Mamelodi Sundowns' GM Kenneth Makhanya allegedly yelled at the club's beauty pageant organiser Pearl Nxele for wearing a "mini-skirt" to work.

A club official, who did not want to be named for fear of reprisal, says Nxele arrived at the team's Chloorkop headquarters clad in a skirt that ended a centimetre above her knee.

An incensed Makhanya told her that her dress code was unacceptable and ordered her to go and change.

It is alleged that during his tirade, Makhanya, who hails from Swaziland, told the woman to return dressed appropriately.

"What I found appalling is that he yelled at her in full view of her colleagues.

"That was unacceptable. It reminded us of how those taxi drivers at Noord Street Taxi Rank treated women who wore short skirts," says the club official.

Nxele confirms that Makhanya humiliated her in front of her colleagues.

"My skirt was not too short. It was just a little above my knees. Besides, I wasn't told about the company's dress code.

"I felt humiliated because he said all these things in front of my colleagues," she says.

Nxele says Makhanya later apologised.

"I have accepted his apology and moved on.

"All I want is to do my work without any hindrance and it is unfortunate that this happened when we were celebrating Women's Month," she says.

Makhanya says: "I have no comment but what you are saying is not correct.

"Go and do more research."

Sundowns administration manager Belinda Ndlovu says: "I was present when the incident took place. There is no dress code but we are required to dress appropriately for our positions.

"She was wearing a rather short skirt. There is nothing wrong with mini-skirts, but she was asked to dress appropriately and was not shouted at."


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    Sep 4, 2012


    who measured the Size? She is a Role Model and she must dress appropriately.
    Sep 4, 2012


    Batjele...hey Banana ba tonotse ka mo ntle ka mo. bare show what your Mama gave you. Same as this tranparent leggings with a hort Top and Pantiliner will be showing in between the Bums. Hai no, too much of everything can be disgusting
    Sep 4, 2012


    the comments on newspaper had to be monitored so this kind of words need not be said, how can you say voetsek
    Sep 3, 2012


    i fully agree with you KukuyaLethosa,o nagana gore ke mang ena?
    Sep 3, 2012


    Anyone can express their feelings, but they don't have to humiliate others in the process. What happened to being civil? Couldn't he privately take the matter up with the lady instead of screaming at her in front of other people? That's uncivilised and plain backwardness. This is not Swaziland wherein women are seen as nothing but objects of pleasure for Mswati and his henchmen. Everybody deserves to be respected, including you, sgubhusenkwishi.

    Sep 4, 2012


    I fully agree with you, this has Nothing to do with being a Swati. Nna I say back to uniforms bathong re bona mehlolo ka mo Kantle,I am a woman and sometimes this woman embarass us.
    See throu Skirts or short Skirt le di Golden Marks le Tshila behind the Knee nxa
    Sep 3, 2012


    Mr Makhanya did the measurement.

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