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'Sexual harassment!' But Jiyane's accuser is a serial 'victim'

2012-08-27 08:12:29.0 | NGWAKO MALATJI |

PRETORIA'S Freedom Park CEO Fana Jiyane's underling Peggy Dube has accused him of sexual harassment.

But Jiyane has labelled Dube, who works as a fundraiser in the organisation, of being a liar and a known serial sexual harassment accuser.

Jiyane also says the accusations came after the Park launched an investigation into Dube "relating to irregularities in her fund raising activities".

It is alleged that Dube reported the matter to Arts and Culture Minister Paul Mashatile, who is said to be Jiyane's friend.

But Mashatile tells Sunday World that the matter is yet to be reported to him.

"It's not true that I turned a blind eye to it," Mashatile says.

He also denies being the CEO's pal and Jiyane has flatly denied being friends with the minister.

The Park boss says Dube wrote a letter of complaint to the human resources department but failed to follow the organisation's grievance procedures.

"She hasn't been at work since she submitted her letter on August 14 so that HR could follow up on her letter in terms of the grievance procedure," says Jiyane.

Sunday World couldn't independently establish what Jiyane allegedly did that constituted sexual harassment.

Jiyane says: "In her letter of complaint, a copy of which was made available to me, Ms Dube did not state the nature, date, time and place of the alleged harassment.

"I have never fondled her and will never do it to any staff member. Incidentally, this allegation is not contained in her letter of complaint and is raised through the media."

Asked why he has not been suspended while the matter is being investigated, Jiyane says "it was only allegations, without details, and no grounds for suspension existed".

He further states: "It was also taken into account that she has exhibited a pattern of sexual harassment allegations whenever a case of misconduct or under performance is being investigated against her.

"This has included previous allegations against a council member, a former CEO, a former immediate supervisor and, more recently, a fellow union executive member, whom she blames for her recent suspension from the union.

"Under the circumstances, management felt it would be unwarranted to suspend an employee based on a mere rumour and that the matter needs to be fully investigated."

Dube declines to discuss the matter in detail.

"It is an internal matter and it must remain as such," Dube says.

Freedom Park secretary and legal adviser Deon van Rensburg confirms that a female employee has filed a sexual harassment case against Jiyane.

"The matter only came to our attention on Monday and will be internally investigated," he says.

Asked why Jiyane was not suspended Van Rensburg says: "We can't suspend him based on one employee's allegations, which do not coincide with Jiyane's reputation."

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