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'It was Mbuso!' Now youngest Mandela named in baby scandal

2012-08-27 07:42:05.0 | Matthew Mpahlwa |

THE Mandela Royal Family sex scandal is hotting up.

Chief Mandla Mandela's chauffer has now named Mandla's youngest brother Mbuso as the one who fathered a child with the wife of a troubled ANC MP.

Mandla sparked royal controversy not long ago with claims that his brother Ndaba was the biological father of 11-month-old baby Qheya Zanethemba Mandela, who was until last week known to be Mandla's child.

The child was born to Mandla's estranged second wife, French speaking beauty Anais Grimaud, who has since been sent back to her family in Reunion Island.

Ndaba responded to Mandla's accusation by pointing a finger at the family driver, Monde Dlamini, whom he described as a "prime affair suspect" who "has a lot to answer to" regarding the matter.

However, Dlamini yesterday took the blame away from Mandla's prime suspect, Ndaba, naming the family's last born, Mbuso, as "the culprit".

Yesterday some Royal Family members agreed that Mbuso could be the one who fathered the child.

Amid claims that Grimaud and Mandla are headed for a divorce, Mandela's spokesperson Sidima Mnqangeni tells Sunday World he does not think Ndaba is the father but Mbuso Mandela may well be.

"I think Ndaba's name was dragged into this by mistake. One of the Mandela elders, who spoke to Mandla said it was Mbuso."

Mnqangeni says he is doing his own investigations so that he can validate the claims.

"This is a difficult matter. We hear that Anais is divorcing him.

"That is not coming from us. Maybe it's coming from her," he says.

"So we have no comment on the matter. Please leave us alone."

Mnqangeni further asks not to be contacted for comment any longer because "the matter is sensitive and sowing divisions within the Mandela family.

"You know, I think they need space now. Sorry, we can't continue like this."

Mbuso Mandela (21) is known to have lived in the royal palace with Grimaud in Mvezo for some time in past years.

In a press statement, Dlamini says Mandla has been supportive of his brothers over the years.

He further drops a bombshell, alleging he drove Mandla to rehabilitation centres when Mbuso had "drug problems".

"Mbuso had been admitted for his drug problems and I know that the chief was very supportive of Mbuso during that period," he says in the statement.

However Ndaba rubbishes Dlamini's claims.

"Mandla must provide evidence that Mbuso is the father.

"Me, Mbuso and the family are together in this.

"Mandla is alone," says Ndaba.

Mandla's image has in recent months been rocked by one scandal after another.

With rumours that Grimaud may be divorcing him, his royal palace in Mvezo village outside Mthatha saw several meetings being convened.

One was held yesterday morning.

Family member Nopilisi Mandela, who attended the meeting, said: "We are here in Mvezo to hear from the Chief, but I wouldn't wish to disclose what we are to discuss."

Mandla is also facing another vicious divorce and maintenance battle with his ex-wife Tando Mabunu.

Mandla's running court battle with Mabunu saw him landing in the Mthatha holding police cells this week, the Daily Dispatch reports.

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