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Torrid tales of sleaze - Khanyi spills all in new bio

2012-08-13 06:24:28.0 | Amanda Ngudle |

THE biography is cheekily titled Bitch Please, I'm Khanyi Mbau.

 I'd break down after hitting Mandla but while I was screaming and crying I'd beg him to make love to me 

And though it leaves some stones unturned, you are sure to get your money's worth if you are into sleaze.

Author and journalist Leslie Mofokeng sat for hours listening to Mbau telling him her bedroom secrets and about her lifestyle in the fast lane.

Among hair-raising anecdotes Mbau shares with readers is that her high-flying ex-hubby Mandla Mthembu "loved anal sex" and that one of her former lovers, businessman Theunis Crous, enjoyed talking to her "more than the sex" as his wife Primrose is "not that sharp".

"She's not Joburg smart. English is not her strong point," we are told.

She says: "Mandla loved anal sex. I didn't. I remember breaking nails clutching the headboard in pain. My gay friends encouraged me to keep at it, promising I would eventually get used to it."

On suitors and friends in between Mandla and Theunis, Mbau mentions Landile Shembe kaGcingca, who once dated Brenda Fassie, and Nthato Motlana's son Wandi Motlana, but insists they were not romanticly involved.

The Queen of Bling has left a great, unsavoury legacy from the days of her gold digging ways with Mthembu and Crous - and she has not been shy to unveil her assets.

So stark she's been that she was allegedly once banned from the J&B Met due to her salacious wardrobe.

Last year, in the fall of her luck, her nude photographs "accidentally" found their way onto the Internet and consequently the media.

But her sale of her baby's pics to a magazine left a people speculating about her fate long before that.

And while most bios are viewed in hindsight with glory or regret, it' s hard to identify Mbau's emotions.

Perhaps because of the abundance of sleaze - or is it her strength?

She chronicles her money-bound marriage to then millionaire Mthembu and the abuse it entailed.

It started on hard cash with the Mthembu delegation coughing up as much as R40000 during the ilobola negotiations. But, as it is inevitable with relationships propelled by transactions, she was made to pay.

"Mandla would beat me until I bled," she says. "I'd grab him by the scruff of the neck and try to push him over the balcony railing.

"He'd wrestle me to the ground and pull my hair. Then he'd hit me and I'd try to strangle him.

"My last resort was to kick him in the balls, where it hurt. I fought like I was going to die.

"Like a wild animal."

The fighting was almost routine and they stopped communicating.

"Today I can rationalise in a mature and calm way ... I'd break down after hitting Mandla but while I was screaming and crying I'd beg him to make love to me," she says.

"Abuse makes you angry and needy at the same time. It leaves you feeling schizophrenic."

Mbau says the suffering made her lose weight.

"I'd lost myself. I couldn't recognise the person I'd become. I'd never been that thin in my life from chasing after a man."

The176-page hardcover is available at leading book stores at R250.; follow me on Twitter @amandan777

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