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Sophie and her bishop patching it up

2012-08-06 06:42:22.0 | NGWAKO MALATJI and AMANDA NGUDLE |

GENERATIONS actress Sophie "Queen" Ndaba has been warned by an Mpumalanga model to stay away "from my man" as Bishop Keith Harrington tries to claw his way back into "Queen's" palace.

EX COUPLE: Sophie Ndaba Harrington and Keith

 Keith is fighting to return to his woman as any man would 

Ruth Mazibuko accuses Ndaba of ruining her three-month relationship with the dashing bishop by "manipulating him to move back to Jozi to stay with her".

Ndaba confirms talks of reconciliation are under way between her and Harrington but says they don't live together.

"He has sent people to talk to me like any man who would fight for his woman. He stays in an apartment with his kids, not with me."

Ndaba was initially shocked to hear that there's another woman in Harrington's life, but brushed the relationship aside, saying "what happens after our separation does not concern me".

Speaking to Sunday World from her Evander home, Mazibuko says she met Harrington on Facebook in May and started chatting about the Word of God. She says he became her "pineal gland" with which she saw beyond the horizon.

"By reading the scriptures he posted on his profile, I began to see things I couldn't before and spiritually I grew to another level," says the lanky vixen.

She says one day Harrington sent her a message asking her if he could visit her and her husband.

"I told him I don't have a husband. He then asked if he could still come visit me and I agreed."

Mazibuko says he charmed her into falling in love with him the first day he visited and they then had steamy romps in her house.

Mazibuko says she asked him if he was married as he had a wedding band on his finger.

"He said 'yes' and 'no' because he got married but things didn't work out," she says.

Mazibuko says she discovered who Harrington was when one day, he received a call from Ndaba.

"Her picture showed on his cellphone screen. He said 'this is the woman I was married to'. I then realised who this man was. I was shocked because I didn't know who he was before that," she says.

Mazibuko says she could hear Ndaba screaming at him that she wanted him back and that they should go for counselling.

"He told me he won't reconcile with her because a prophet from Cape Town told him Sophie would kill him if he did so," she says.

Mazibuko says Harrington changed as the days went by.

"One day he told me that two pastors from Nelspruit, who are his spiritual leaders, told him they had spoken to Sophie and they wanted them to try to sort things out.

"When I asked him what he would do with me, he told me not to worry - he knew the marriage wouldn't work and he was only doing it to satisfy them," she says.

"He also asked me if I could be his second wife if things did work out with Sophie," she says.

"I was with him when Sophie wasn't in the picture and now I must be his second wife? I love this man. Sophie must leave him to me. She's caused him enough pain.

Harrington says: "I wish we were back together again. I never wanted to leave her in the first place.

"I think people assume we've patched things up because they have spotted the two of us together at the SABC where she works.

"I love her very much. She is a good woman. I'm hoping that the people I've sent to talk to her will do so successfully."

About Mazibuko, he says: "I don't know a Ruth. I know Princess, a fellowship companion. She is someone who helped me deal with the burden of my separation.

I told her from the onset I was in a complex place spiritually.

"I don't know how she could believe I could give her a commitment when I told her about Sophie."

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