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'She wants my baby!' - Mom accuses minister

2012-07-30 06:55:43.0 | AMANDA NGUDLE |

CONTROVERSIAL Deputy Minister of Communications, Stella Ndabeni (33) is embroiled in an ugly tussle with her fiancé's baby mama over allegations that she wants to take the child away from the woman.

 My only mistake was to lend an ear to this woman 

This happens in the same week where she was involved in another public battle over Winnie Madikizela-Mandela.

Tabitha Kgosimore (27), the unemployed mother of an 11-month-old baby girl, is spitting venom over what she calls a desperate attempt by Ndabeni to snatch the baby away from her or at least "destroy the relationship between my baby and her father".

Kgosimore claims Ndabeni and Thato Abrahams (30) have formed a "united front" in their attempt to get her to give the child to them.

But Ndabeni pours cold water on the allegations, saying Kgosimore is trying to use her and her husband-to-be as mobile ATMs.

"She doesn't even want to believe we are in love. The last straw was when we gave her R5000 and then two weeks later she came back for more. I don't work for her.

"My husband wants a paternity test, with good reason.

"My only mistake was to lend an ear to this woman. At first it was a matter of a woman-to-woman empathy.

"I used to listen to her rubbishing him and a whole lot of stories but I realised with time that this woman was always verbally abusing him on the phone," says Ndabeni.

But Kgosimore is adamant that the deputy minister isn't good for her baby as she has threatened both their lives on the phone.

"My question is: if Stella can say the things she has threatened on the baby and myself, can I trust her with my baby's life?"

Kgosimore says she lost her man to Ndabeni in January and the deputy minister has not minced her words about who rules the roost.

Kgosimore says: "I first met them as a couple in court about two months ago after attempts to get Thato to maintain the child proved fruitless.

"They came looking flashy in a Q7 (Audi's super SUV). They were even escorted by bodyguards."

Kgosimore further alleges that Ndabeni is the reason she and Abrahams haven't reached a maintenance settlement.

"Every time I call him, Stella makes an issue of it. Sometimes she grabs the phone from him. I feel like she has him on a leash."

An exasperated Abrahams says he can only blame the "tightrope" that has been fatherhood for him on Kgosimore skipping her pill schedule.

"That woman has a problem.

"She's on medication. I was never engaged to her. Yes, she tells me I'm the father of her child but she blurted out I was not the father during one of her fits ..."

The outburst by Kgosimore led Abrahams to insist on a paternity test. "I gave her R2500 a month until her monthly expenditure list became questionable."

But Kgosimore says he has never spent "even R7 on a vest from Pep [Stores]."

Ndabeni made headlines this week after she took to Facebook to react to a Sunday World story in which ANC veteran Winnie Madikizela- Mandela riled president Jacob Zuma for his polygamous lifestyle.

Her post, which is quoted here without being edited, read: "Life can b interesting Dali Mpofu represented Julius Malema in the NDC hearings, mam Winnie has always seen a great leader like MaDiba in Julius and now the mother of our Nation sees immorality in Zuma ... Who is a saint between the 2 of them? (President Zuma n Mam Winnie)"

This message was widely understood as Ndabeni having a go at the ANC stalwart.

One of those who reacted angrily was the ANC Youth League's Magdalene Moonsamy who blasted the deputy minister in an open letter.; follow me on twitter @amandan777

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