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Phila collapses on soapie's set

2012-07-30 07:35:50.0 | AMANDA NGUDLE |

MUVHANGO actor Phila "Spha" Mazibuko's future withthe soapie is hanging by a thread after he dramatically collapsed on set - twice.

ERRATIC: Phila Mazibuko of Muvhango fame says he wasn't coping because he was overworking himself.

 I think some people are going to lose their jobs. He was breathing fire 

Sunday World has been informed that he and a friend were also spotted looking "wasted" at the Durban July two weeks ago.

Our source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, says the incidents were followed by a workshop at which the soapie's executive producer Duma Ndlovu lashed out at "everyone present".

"I think some people are going to lose their jobs. He was breathing fire," she says.

It seems the Durban July incident so angered Ndlovu that he apparently slapped Mazibuko with a stern warning.

The source says: "Paramedics came and attended to him when he collapsed during a shoot the first time around and I saw management talk to him at length afterwards.

"On the second occasion, he was taken to Linksfield Clinic. This was followed by a hush-hush meeting between his parents and the producers."

Giving his take on the events, Mazibuko says: "This incident took place a while ago. I think I was overworking myself. I had shoots on the one hand and I was also recording an album. I had MC gigs all over the country. I was also hooking up my company and there was school on the side.

"The doctor said it was just an anxiety attack and that I should take a break.

"So I took a three-month break from Muvhango and now I'm back."

He also says the daily travel between his crib and work took its toll.

"I live in Pretoria and my call time is sometimes 5am and there are back-to-back shoots."

He says his mother was called in because he still lives at home and she looks after him.

Meanwhile Ndlovu says the workshop was nothing new.

"I was addressing. a wide array of issues which continue to ruin young people's lives. and I did not breathe fire, as your source claims. I merely spoke sternly as a father.

"As for my actors' contracts, I cannot discuss that with the media," Ndlovu says. or Twitter @amandan777

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