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'I'm abandoned' - Distraught Majeke lands in hospital

2012-07-30 07:02:45.0 | NGWAKO MALATJI |

SULTRY sports presenter Xolelwa Majeke was so heartbroken she landed up in hospital with a severe migraine after her Cope Youth leader boyfriend Malusi Booi left her stranded in Durban early this month.

BROKEN HEARTED: Xolelwa Majeke. Picture by Mabuti Kali. Insert: Malusi Booi
Malusi Booi

 Had no idea that Saturday 07/07 would signal the ending 

Majeke also wished death on herself after the ordeal, says a source close to the couple.

It is alleged this was triggered by Majeke discovering after her fateful Durban trip, that the politico was still married.

She apparently checked his records at home affairs.

He'd allegedly told her he had divorced the mother of his two kids about two years ago.

The source says Booi went to Durban to meet Majeke on the first Saturday of this month and promised to drive her back to Joburg to enjoy a nooner with her.

"But to her shock, he disappeared two hours after they arrived, leaving her stranded there," says Booi's friend, who did not want to be named. Majeke tried in vain to contact him.

It is alleged that Majeke wailed like a baby and started sending SMSes and e-mails to him and his friends, whining that he'd betrayed her. One of the e-mails, which is written like a poem, reads in part:

"Had no idea that Saturday 07/07 would signal the ending.

By midnight that night I felt like such a fool, Because again Malusi had used me like a tool

I landed in hospital with a severe migraine, Part of me felt like dying from more than just the physical pain

For the umpteenth time since we've been a couple my heart was bust, But worse yet this time this man I love had broken the trust...

I was in Durban Sunday panicking and stranded, Couldn't understand it, with bad luck I seem to be branded

We were meant to travel back to Joburg together...

But as the minutes and hours ticked away, It became clear that I'd have to make my own way...

Now my life, my hopes and my dreams lie shattered, Pieces of my broken heart next to those are painfully scattered..."

Sunday World learnt that Booi rocked up at Majeke's home in Fourways the following Thursday and apologised. And the doting Xolelwa extended an olive branch to her man.

Majeke, however, disputes knowing Booi and being the author of the e-mail.

"When did this happen? I don't know what you're talking about. That e-mail could've been sent by someone at work because they know my password and have access to my e-mail," she says.

Booi, on the other hand, confirms that he and Majeke are seeing each other but refutes that he disappeared in Durban.

"I didn't disappear; I was just not in front of her," he says.

He also rubbishes claims that he is still married.

"I got my divorce decree in 2010. Is it only my marital status that home affairs has not updated?" he asks.

Booi also disputes that he had switched off his cellphone after his alleged disappearance.

"I don't have control over the battery of my phone," he says.

Asked if there is a possibility that wedding bells will ring for him and Majeke, he says: "I don't know of any possibility. I don't know what is going to happen tomorrow.

"I'm not God."

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