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ANC won't tolerate it

2012-07-30 09:24:54.0 | Jessie Duarte |

THE imprisonment of former Rustenburg mayor Matthew Wolmarans and his former bodyguard Enoch Matshaba is a lesson to those who use murder to hide corruption.

BETRAYING THE PARTY: Matthew Wolmarans and his co-accused and former bodyguard Enoch Matshaba. Picture by Andrew Mahlaba

Moss Phakoe, a local councillor in the Rustenburg municipality, was shot dead at his home in March 2009. He had compiled a dossier implicating Wolmarans in corruption in the municipality and handed the document to Sicelo Shiceka, the former minister of cooperative governance, in the presence of Wolmarans. Two days later he was killed in cold blood.

The court has found Matthew Wolmarans and Enoch Matshaba guilty of the murder of comrade Moss Phakoe.

Matthew Wolmarans and Enoch Matshaba are murderers and I am glad that they were arrested, charged and found guilty in a court of law.

When a person contemplates taking the life of another, plans and discusses it and eventually does it, such a person, in my view has no soul and being a member of the ANC will not help to protect them from punishment that must be meted out.

Wolmarans and Matshaba are no longer members of the ANC. They are expelled. But it is the atmosphere that breeds the hatred that they developed for another human being that we must cleanse the ANC of.

The ANC's code of conduct is a set of guidelines adopted to militate against behaviour that will bring the party into disrepute and encourage anarchy.

Many people who have joined the ANC and see it as a stepping stone to wealth and resources soon become victims of their ill-found ambitions.

Murder, rape, child abuse and domestic violence, stealing, perpetuating mob violence, fraud and many more are crimes that insult the ANC's values in the most direct manner.

Any ANC member who is party to a meeting where taking power to "own" resources is already visiting upon him or herself a crime.

It can only go downhill for that person and for the organisation from that point forward.

All the laws in place to protect the state from corruption were laws enacted by the ANC-led government or laws amended to improve on older versions of laws from the apartheid era.

The ANC has been at pains to ensure that our legal framework complies with the Constitution of the country.

A Constitution developed to assist in the transformation of South Africa from a country where violence was institutionalised by the previous government to one where the burden of proof is on the state and every person is innocent until proven guilty.

Wolmarans, Matshaba and anyone else who sits and plans murder for political gain or for the "awarding of resources to themselves" are no better than the policemen who murdered ANC freedom fighters.

Any person who fears for their life must go to the South African Police Service and make a statement. It is the responsibility of the police to investigate claims, lay charges and to test them in the court of law. While the organisation's rules are a guideline to prevent any form of criminal behaviour, the ANC must and does act against its members who bring the ANC into disrepute, commit criminal acts or plan crimes. I say thank you to the police for investigating and arresting these criminals. I say thank you to the court for finding these murderers guilty.

The ANC is cleansed of these undesirable personnel with undesirable tendencies. They will now be confined to where they belong, in jail - away from the society seeking to redefine itself under new values and a commitment to fighting crime and corruption.

Jessie Duarte is a member of the ANC NEC. Her opinion first appeared in ANC Today.

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